Player Spotlight: Khalil Mollay C/O 2025 Safety/Tailback/Wideout/Linebacker

Khalil Mollay is an eighth grader for the Valdosta Wildcats. He currently stands at 5’8 and weighs 145 pounds. Great size already for the young man!

Mollay plays all over for the ‘Cats, as he sees time at several positions. He plays wideout, tailback, safety and linebacker. His team currently sits at 2-2 on the year and with a win this week, they will move into the playoffs.

We were able to sit down with the talented eighth grader to get to know him and get some thoughts on his current season and future.

Q&A Time

What’s it like being known as the leader of your team?

Mollay: It’s an awesome feeling, to be honest. The team really looks up to me. They know that I am there for them and that I have their back when we go into battle, on or off the field. The team enjoys and loves me, because I show them love back.

How does it feel to play multiple positions?

Mollay: I like it a lot. It makes me a better player. I am more well-rounded now because I am being asked to play multiple positions.

What’s it like to be called on like that to help the team? To be put in a new position?

Mollay: Words can’t explain. (Gets silent). It’s really a good feeling. Just knowing that your team and staff have that confidence in you to go out there and get it done at almost any position means a lot to me. They look upon me to help change the game. I love it.

Of all the positions you play, which do you feel you do best?

Mollay: I’d have to say tailback or linebacker. At tailback, it just brings me excitement. I run with excitement. At linebacker, I just bring that heat. (Laughs). I enjoy disrupting the other team’s plays.

What position do you think you will play in high school and beyond?

Mollay: Probably linebacker. That’s where every coach I have ever had ends up putting me.I feel like I have the size and I am continually growing. My body frame is built for it. I’m good at helping in run support and rushing the passer as needed. I love making big plays and doing my job on defense.

What college do you want to go to? Why?

Mollay: (laughs) It’s a funny story, actually. So I want to go to Clemson. The reason for that is, I used to play the video game, NCAA Football 13. When I saw the Clemson logo, it matched the high school team that I want to play for, the Valdosta Wildcats, so me being younger, I thought it was them. (Laughs), so that is why I want to play for Clemson.

What do you want to major in when its time to go to college?

Mollay: I want to be a personal trainer or a football coach. Really, anything that has to do with fitness and helping people to get better and reach their goals.

What are some things that you do well on the field?

Mollay: I make plays for my team. I feel like if you need a big play, I am the guy you want to put in. With the game on the line, I want the ball in my hands. We had a 7on7 tournament awhile back. We had two seconds left and my coach, Coach Zane Rowland, called for me to line up at H and go deep. The quarterback threw a jump ball and I came down with it when it mattered most. I had some drops in the game, but with the game on the line, I came up big.

What are some things that you would like to improve upon?

Mollay: I know for me, I would like to get faster. I have solid speed right now, but I feel like I can get better with that. I would also like to get more technically sound. I feel like that is something that is a constant at every level. Everyone wants to get better at their technique.

What are some of your high school goals? On and off the field?

Mollay: On the field, I just want to do my best. I want to make it out of Valdosta. As a team, I want to beat our crosstown rival, the Lowndes Vikings, all four years. I want to win state and the national championship. Off the field, I want to get bigger, faster and stronger in the weight-room. I also want to give back through charities and help feed the homeless.

What motivates you?

Mollay: Music motivates me. Whatever the song is for that game, it plays all game long for me. When people talk trash, that fires me up, too (laughs). But also, my family. I want to succeed for my Gramma and the rest of my family. To help them make it out, too.

How far do you want to go with the game of football?

Mollay: As far as the game will take me. I obviously want to make it to the league and play a long time, but I just want to go as far as I can with it.

Khalil Mollay has a bright future ahead of him. He currently pays tailback, linebacker, wideout and safety for his middle school football team.He is also a shooting guard on the basketball team.

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