Player Spotlight: Jacob Seagraves C/O 2024 Cornerback

Seagraves is a phenomenal freshman out of Rome, Ga, that plays for the Armuchee Indians.

Seagraves plays on both sides of the ball for the Indians, seeing time at both wideout and corner, but he sees the most action at corner, where he starts already as a 9th grader on varsity.

Standing at 6’1 and weighing 160 pounds, the freshman phenom already has great size for the position, with four years left of playing time in high school!

Though the Indians 1-2 thus far, Seagraves has held his own at corner, finishing his last game with nine tackles and a pass deflection, as well as an interception.

This Friday, the Indians have a home game against The King’s Academy (1-0) for their homecoming game. Seagraves feels as though he and the rest of the Indians will be able to come away with the win this weekend.

“We had some of our starters out the last few games,” Seagraves said. “That hurt us a bit, but having them back this week, I feel like that will help us. I am confident that we will be able to come away with a win.”

“I feel as though that the future is bright for this team. We have a lot of good athletes on this roster.”

In the weight-room, Seagraves has continued to get stronger, as he now posts a squat max of 265 and is benching over 200 pounds. Seagraves currently boasts a 4.7 in the 40.

Just chatting with this young man, you get the vibe that he will be great for many years to come. Starting as a freshman will allow for him to get plenty of reps along the way.

“I feel like that being a starter as just a freshman makes me really stand out in comparison to other players in my graduating class,” Seagraves said. “I play hard on every play. I truly give this game my all. I always hear from coaches that my future is very bright.”

“A quote that I like to keep in my mind to help me stay grounded is ‘to be able to shine in the light, you gotta be able to work in the dark'”

Wise words from a talented young man.

Seagraves works hard on the field, but he works even harder in the classroom. While he has not attained a high school GPA as of yet, he made honor roll in middle school by consistently receiving A’s and B’s.

Jacob states that he has a few schools that he hopes to receive an offer from someday.

“I went to a Clemson camp once and I met Dabo Swinney,” Seagraves said. “He was such a great guy, so that inspired me to want to go to Clemson. I also like Louisville. I feel like they have a great program. Another school that I like is Oregon. I like their program and I feel like I would fit in well with their scheme as a DB.”

Lofty goals from an impressive young man.


Twitter: @jacobSeagraves2

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