Player Spotlight: Chase Belcher C/O ’22 Tailback/Wideout

Chase Belcher #4

“Details matter, guys. Keep your eyes on the ball. Focus! Make sure we tuck the ball. Use your hands, don’t catch with your body. Be sure to sink your hips.”

Sounds like a veteran wideout coach helping his players to get better.

You’d be surprised to know that those teaching techniques were provided by junior wideout, Chase Belcher of the Lowndes High School Vikings.

Belcher, along with senior teammate and fellow wideout, Dominique Marshall are two very unique young men. There are many talented young football players across the country, but I don’t know of many that have started their own mentorship program, as high school athletes!

But that is just what this tag team duo out wide has done.

The name of the program that they have started is known as ‘Boys to Vikings’. In this program, Belcher and Marshall, along with even more fellow Vikings, are meeting with kids in middle and elementary school grades each Saturday after games, just to mentor them.

Talk about selfless!

These young men manage to handle everything that their coaches throw at them all week, as well as their quarterback, and play on Friday nights. Then on Saturday mornings, they show up at The Concrete Palace to teach young men about character and values and every now and then, a little ball, too.

I asked Chase what was his favorite part of mentoring. Often we ask the mentees how they feel about learning from someone, but we sometimes forget to ask the mentor what it means to them. He had some special things to say.

“Ah man, (gets silent) it really means a lot to me,” Belcher said. “It makes me feel better. I feel like that I am helping them. The kids get excited to see you. (Gets quiet again). They appreciate it, you can tell. They get excited to see us.”

“It kind of makes you feel like a superstar. They see us on Friday night and they have on the jerseys to match our number. It’s special, for sure.”

Aside from that, Chase is a phenomenal football player in his own right.

Standing at 6’1 215 pounds, Chase is the ideal size for a next level playmaker. The junior is a stud in the weight-room, too, as he is able to squat 360 pounds and power clean 300 pounds.

In the classroom, he is just as hard of a worker as he is on the field and in the weight-room. He currently boasts a 3.0 GPA.

Through the first four games, he had already amassed 276 yards receiving on 11 catches, and taking three of those catches to the endzone. Every four touches, he is scoring!

I asked Chase what he feels like makes him standout as a football player and he had this to say; “What makes me standout is that I feel once I get the ball in my hands, it will always take more than one person to take me down. I want to score that badly.”

Wow! Sounds like trying to tackle a truck!

Belcher and his Vikings look to continue their winning ways tonight, as they face their crosstown rival, The Valdosta Wildcats. The game will be on ESPN2. Tune in to watch this playmaker do what he does best, make plays!

Belcher recently pulled in an offer from South Alabama, but look for him to add more soon!


Twitter: @Chase4Belcher

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I love sports and I love helping kids reach their goals and dreams!

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