Player Spotlight: Garrett Dowdy C/O ’21 Punter/Wideout

Garrett Dowdy is a senior playmaker for the Georgia Christian Generals out of Dasher, Georgia.

The 6’0 150-pounder plays both reserve quarterback and wideout for the Generals football team, as well as handling punting duties.

When sophomore sensation Seth Copeland went down, Dowdy stepped in to help lead his team and to finish the game. While they did not win, his leadership and confidence brought the team together to finish strong.

Dowdy truly embodies the team first spirit, as he fills in at any role that is expected of him. Despite being the starter the next game, Dowdy still wanted to run with the scout team to make sure his team was as ready as possible.

Talk about humility.

To further that team first mentality, the coaching staff needed someone at wideout that could run routes well and block, so he went out wide and is the current starter for the Generals at the ‘Z’ position.

While the Generals have not had the best season thus far, due to playing teams bigger than them, Dowdy’s presence has been felt and appreciated by his team all year.

The Generals will move into region play this week, finally playing against teams like their own, so we look for Dowdy to be an even bigger impact moving forward.

I was able to sit down and talk with the talented playmaker and ask him about his abilities.

“I’d say that where I standout the most is with my speed and my accuracy with the ball,” Dowdy said. “I’ve definitely progressed with my ball placement but I believe there is always room for improvement.”


Dowdy does a great job of finding his open receivers when he is in at quarterback, something that could be attributed to the fact that he also plays wideout, so he has an even deeper understanding of where and how to throw the ball.

“At wideout, I really enjoy route running,” Dowdy said. “My favorite part is to embarrass the defensive backs with my routes (laughs). But my best attribute would have to be the ability to know how to run the routes, so that helps me at quarterback and then when I am at quarterback, I know how the ball should be thrown to me, so I put myself in the best position to catch it. So for me, I get the best of both worlds.”

Sounds like Dowdy will have opposing defenses on their toes, regardless of where he lines up.

Dowdy an the rest of the Generals will take on Fullington this Friday at home. This will be their first home game for the 2020 campaign.

Dowdy also works hard in the classroom, consistently earning honor roll. The impressive young man knows the importance of being a student, before an athlete.

Twitter: dowdy_garrett

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