Player Spotlight: Joseph Pritchett C/O ’25 Center/Forward

Joseph Pritchett is an eight grade hooper for the Thomasville Tigers junior varsity basketball team.

The 6’0 188-pounder already has the height going into high school that teams are looking for, with plenty of time to add to that frame.

Despite being in middle school, Pritchett is playing up and will be playing on the JV team this year.

Talk about a true playmaker!

He is currently a center but he will also play power forward for the Tigers.

Pritchett is harnessing his inner Patrick Ewing with those play-making abilities.

I chatted with the dynamic playmaker about what aspects of his game are his best and he had some neat things to say.

“I have worked hard for everything that I have earned,” Pritchett said. “I don’t want anything to be given to me. This season, I’m coming for everyone!!!”

Intense words from an outstanding ball player.

Last season, Pritchett was able to average a solid twelve points per outing and eight rebounds in each contest. Look for those numbers to increase this season.

In the classroom, Pritchett is continuing to work hard each and every day. He has mostly A’s and B’s but is not afraid to say that he has a C and he is working to improve that grade.

It takes a lot to have integrity, and this proves this young man has that. He wants to get his C’s to B’s and his B’s to A’s. We can admire someone that works hard in the classroom!

When I asked the young man what drives him to be the player that he is today, I was simply in awe of his reply.

“My little brother,” Pritchett said. “He looks up to me. He’s my younger brother. So it’s up to me to set the example for him.”

This young man may not have age on his side, but he certainly has wisdom!

Pritchett is also looking to go out for the football team for his freshman year at Thomasville High School.

For anyone that wants to checkout this talented young man, just head out to ‘The Ville’ and you will see him dominating opposing teams on the hardwood or the gridiron.

Twitter: @JosephPritche20

Published by Zane Rowland

I love sports and I love helping kids reach their goals and dreams!

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