Player Spotlight: Mason Parker C/O ’22 Quarterback/Safety

Mason Parker is a super-athlete for Ringgold High School in Ringgold, Georgia. The talented junior plays on the baseball diamond, as well as the gridiron for football.

On the baseball team, Parker sees time at shortstop, pitcher and third base. On the football field, he plays both quarterback and safety.

What doesn’t he play would probably have been easier to answer!

The 5’10 175-pounder is a three-year starter on the football field. Last fall, his team finished the season with a goose-egg in the win column, but this year is already much better, having won four games thus far.

This is the junior’s first year as the starting quarterback and he has already lead his team to a hot 4-1 start in region play.

One begins to wonder why he wasn’t the starter all along!

Parker told me he has big goals for himself and the rest of the Tigers for this season.

“Our school hasn’t had a home playoff game in a long, long time,” Parker said. “We have not had a first-round playoff game at home since the 2014 season. I’m hoping we can change that this fall.”

To put that into perspective, the hit song from that year was “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

On the baseball diamond, Parker has been equally as successful, in that he is a three-year starter there as well.

“We will be favored as region champs this year,” Parker said. “I say that because we have been region champs the last five years straight. We hope to make a state title run this spring.”

Five years straight as conference champs. Sounds like Oklahoma football!

I wanted to ask the super-athlete about what it is that makes him standout as a player. I can tell he put a lot of heart into his response.

“I’m always giving 150% for my team, teammates and coaches,” Parker said. “I’m a playmaker on both sides of the ball and I absolutely hate to lose. I’m fast, strong and smart.”

Fast, strong and smart indeed.

In the weight-room, Parker shows his strength with a max squat of 405 pounds, a dead-lift of 395 pounds and a bench press of 245 pounds. Not bad for a 175-pounder!

To show off his speed, Parker was clocked last fall with running a 4.7 but feels he is even faster than that this year.

The compliment to him being smart, off the field at least, is the fact that he currently holds a 3.5 GPA, which is more than enough to qualify for next level ball.

Parker is a guy to watch out for on both the football and baseball fields. We believe his best ball, in both worlds, has yet to come!

Twitter: @MasonParker_7


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I love sports and I love helping kids reach their goals and dreams!

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