Organization Spotlight: My Recruits

My Recruits is changing the game when it comes to high school football recruiting. The company helps high school football players to reach their potential and assists with the hassle of dealing with sports recruiting.

Coach Lou Perrone changes the way potential recruits should be handled and he does so in a way that helps them get to play college football.

Coach Perrone and his staff do a wonderful job in assisting potential recruits in finding their dream college destination to best exhibit their skillsets.

Coach Perrone adds his own personal approach to everything he does and he is always looking out for the best interest of the recruits.

What Perrone brings to the table is great connections that truly help athletes to not only get to the next level, but to also flourish when they get there in their roles.

The process is extremely organized, as well as detailed and his support staff really do well with pushing for a kid to get offers.

Perrone and his staff are very good at compiling detailed stats and sending that to the coaches, as well as sending the coaches the film, making it easy for the coaches to have the information in front of them that will match the player’s film.

Many recruiting companies are vastly overpriced and do not provide many of the things that are promised to recruits once they sign up and pay.

Not Coach Perrone and his staff, however.

Coach Perrone and his staff consistently post player content on Twitter and tag the appropriate individuals to see it so that they player gets seen as many times as possible.

Speaking of Twitter, the staff at My Recruits also helps players establish their Twitter platform in the best ways possible to help them. This is all a part of the resume’ that college coaches will be looking at.

Each player will be given a personalized player profile when they signup that includes workout information, highlights, offers, measurables, etc.

The staff at My Recruits are truly changing the game and helping kids reach their potential and their dreams.

I had an opportunity to chat with a college coach about Coach Perrone and My Recruits, and he had wonderful things to say about the company.

He said for him, the second call he makes each day after calling his wife, is to call Coach Perrone. He went on to say that Coach Lou is a game changer and sends me realistic recruits that can play on the level we play at. He also makes my job easier as a coach.

When I spoke to Perrone in a phone interview, I felt very impressed with the way he carries himself and his level of care for the kids.

“I treat every player exactly the same way that I would my own son,” Perrone said. “My son is a 6’4 300 pound offensive lineman in the ‘23 class. So I know what these kids are going through to get to where they want to be. I treat them the right way and everything else will fall into place. We are in unprecedented times, but I still take care of and look out for my families from this business and lead them in the right direction.”

Anyone that signs up with My Recruits will truly get a family atmosphere with Coach Perrone. We believe Perrone is a true pioneer to the recruiting game.

Twitter: @CoachPerrone



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