Player Spotlight: Amari Quarrels C/O ’22 Shooting Guard

Quarrels #11

Amari Quarrels is a junior on the basketball team for Kendrick High School in Columbus, Georgia.

Quarrels is a shooting guard for the Cherokees. At 6’0 171 pounds, he has decent size to be a great ballplayer, and he still has time to stretch out and grow more.

Quarrels is also a member of an AAU basketball team, known as the Columbus Knights.

On that team, he has averaged eight points per game. He also shows he knows how to share, as he adds six assists per game, as well as three rebounds per contest.

I wondered how Quarrels felt about the team and what the expectations were, and he had some good things to say.

“I’m very comfortable with my teammates,” Quarrels said. “I feel like we are the underdogs coming into this season. As a result, I feel like we shock some people and prove everyone wrong that doubted us.”

Sounds like Quarrels and his team are playing with a chip on their shoulder.

I wanted to know what separates this young man from other players and I was very impressed with his response.

“I feel like I have a very good shot selection,” Quarrels said. “I feel like I can shoot from virtually anywhere on the court. I can handle the ball as needed and I also have a great basketball IQ.”

Sounds like Quarrels could be the next James Harden.

Quarrels also wanted me to share a quote that is dear to him. “Winners aren’t people who don’t fail but people who never quit.”~Edwin Lewis Cole

Certainly, a powerful message.

Quarrels also understands the importance of being a student, as well as an athlete, as he currently holds a 3.1 GPA.

We look forward to watching Quarrels play this season and see how he and the Cherokees finish the season.

Twitter: @mariquarrels

Instagram: @maridagoat_

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