Player Spotlight: Jiro Kakpovbia C/O ’22 Linebacker

Jiro Kakpovbia is a force on the field for Sir John A. MacDonald Secondary School out of Waterloo, Ontario.

Jiro is our first ever Canadian football player!

Standing at 6’2 232 pounds, Jiro is already the same size as some NFL linebackers, and he still has time to grow!

The junior from Waterloo plays the Mike linebacker position, also known as middle linebacker, for the Highlanders.

For a big man, he sure can move, as he currently runs a 4.9 in the forty-yard dash.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jiro and his teammates will not be able to have a season this year in football. However, he is still working out every day to make sure that he is ready for his senior season next fall.

Although he may not have a season this year, he is still in positive spirits about how his team will perform when they finally suit it up in ’21.

“Next year, I know we will be at the top of our league,” Jiro said. “We have a lot of returning players for next season. I’m ready to lead our team to wins.”

Strong words from a strong young man.

Speaking of strong, Jiro currently power cleans in at 300 pounds!

To keep things in perspective, I wanted to ask Jiro what makes him stand out.

“I am a monster at middle linebacker,” Jiro said. “I run extremely well and I am violent on contact, as well as freakishly athletic. I am a born leader both on and off the field. I’m always looking to improve so that I can be the top player at my position. I am a natural athlete and I have a strong work ethic. I feel like I am dominate and I am a versatile player as well.”

“I know that I am a D-1 talent. I have the size, speed and strength to compete at the highest level. I am just waiting for my opportunity to show it.”

One thing is for sure, Jiro is not short on his confidence!

While Jiro feels he has the talent to play at the Division one level, his GPA and his work in the classroom may be even more impressive. Jiro currently boasts a 4.0 GPA, which shows that he is a monster on and off the field!

While his league does not keep stats and it is hard to understand what he can do, one could put on the tape and see that he is next level caliber talent.

Jiro is also a player that is a part of the My Recruits program. Coach Perrone is high on this young man and feels he has the juice to be special!

My Recruits:



Twitter: @JiroKakpovbia

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