Player Spotlight: Jaxon Ryan C/O ’24 Wideout/Defensive Back

Jaxon Ryan is a freshman phenom for Brophy College Prep. Ryan plays a multitude of positions for the Broncos.

The talented young man can play any of the wideout positions, as well as plays defensive back for the Broncos.

The 5’11 150-pounder is already proving he’s got some wheels, as he currently runs a 4.84 in the forty-yard dash.

As impressive as that is, what may be more impressive is the fact that Ryan has a 4.3 GPA in the classroom!

This absolutely shows us that he cares about being a students as well as being an athlete.

Due to Covid-19, Ryan and the rest of the Broncos had to start their season later than most teams or schools. As a result, the season has not gone quite as expected, but Jaxon remains positive, nonetheless.

“Our first two games we started off a little slow, but the practices after that second game were great and we really started to come together as a team,” Ryan said. “From there, we’ve been getting better every week and our chemistry has become stronger. We feel really confident going into our last few games, as we have seen our progression from the beginning of the season to now.”

It sounds like this group cannot be counted out yet!

Just in chatting with Jaxon, I could tell he was a special young man that really cares about his future. He impresses me with his GPA, in addition to his desire to be great. I wanted to know a bit more and I was able to get him to open up on what he feels like truly makes him special.

“As a player, I always believe in my team and what we can do on the football field,” Ryan said. “I am always spreading confidence to the rest of the team by leading by example. I never get down on myself or the team, as I understand we will make mistakes, but know we have to overcome and get past them. I also learn plays very well and can comprehend how effective they will be by reading the defense before the snap of the ball. Physically, my route running is strong and one of the most important aspects of my game. I can create separation from the defense and make bigger windows for my quarterback.”

Jaxon told me of a quote that he holds dear to his heart, one that his freshman coach, Scott Heideman, talks about a lot.

“Working at 212° means a player who is not only being a great athlete by working harder than everyone else, but also a player taking that same mentality and using it to be a leader on the field and in the classroom.” “This is a quote my team and I live by everyday and we say it to each other when one of us is needing encouragement,” Jaxon said.

Talk about a guy that you would run through a wall for, and he is just a freshman! This young man is just getting started and we cannot wait to see more of him!  

Ryan has also signed on to be a part of the My Recruits program that we wrote on a couple of weeks ago. This program truly helps guys to get recruited and they are very honest with you. As long as Coach Lou Perrone has anything to do with it, Jaxon will get recruited and signed in no time!

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