Player Spotlight: Marcus Oberriter C/O 2023 Quarterback

Marcus Oberriter is a sophomore sensation out of Holbrook High School in Holbrook, Arizona.

The 5’8 150-pounder is not your average quarterback. Most freshman players hope to get a taste of the varsity level and just experience it.

Oberriter quickly proved he is not your run of the mill athlete. In 2019, he won the award for Freshman of the Year in 3-A football.

Quite an impressive feat!

The talented sophomore proves that he is not just a stand in the pocket quarterback, as he is a multi-sport athlete and he runs a 4.85 in the forty-yard dash already.

For his sophomore season, Oberriter has thrown for over 1,100 yards and 7 passing touchdowns.

He has also rushed for nearly 800 yards and 7 more touchdown runs. To further prove that athleticism, he also added 70 yards receiving on the year.

Oberriter shows that he can also play on the defensive side of the ball, as he collected 38 tackles on the year.

Oberriter had an injury-shortened season due to a knee issue, which led to him not having the sort of season that he would have liked to have.

“Our season did not go as we anticipated it to go this fall,” Oberriter said. “For most of the season, I had to be out with a knee injury, but I am pushing myself and my teammates with the hope that we can turn things around next season.”

“We would like to end the season on a high note. We will have our last game of the season this week and we hope that we can get a win in the game to end on a good note.”

I was curious to know what makes this phenomenal young man standout, besides the obvious accolades he has earned.

“I feel like that even though I may lack some height, I am able to read the defenses very well,” Oberriter said. “I can see the entire field and I am able to react very well once the ball has been snapped. I am very confident in my ability to get out of the pocket and still make plays. I am also confident in my ability to find me receivers and hit them.”

Seems like this sensational sophomore checks off a lot ox boxes already!

Oberriter understands that in order for him to get any offers, he has to have the grades to do so. As he sits at a 3.5, he certainly shows he understand that and cares about the classroom as well.

Marcus is a member of the program My recruits with Coach Lou Perrone. This program truly helps student-athletes in the recruiting process and is a program that is very low on costs to sign up. We have previously written on Coach P and his program.


Twitter: @10Oberriter

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