Player Spotlight: Chris Thomas Jr C/O ’22 Wideout/Cornerback

Chris Thomas Jr is a stud of an athlete out of Cactus High School in Arizona.

Standing at 6’0 170 pounds, the rising senior has the size to get him to the next level, and the abilities as well.

He is currently rated as a two-star athlete, who as a freshman, was named as the 2018 Freshman Athlete of the Year.

The accolades do not stop there, as Thomas has been named as an All-Region player at both kick returner and punt returner.

Thomas also adds in an Honorable Mention at tailback.

Quite an impressive year for a guy that still has the rest of his junior year and senior year to play!

Thomas understands how important it is to have good grades. In saying that, he currently holds a 4.0 GPA.

In the forty-yard-dash, you will not catch Thomas in the back of the pack, as he runs a 4.6 in the timed event.

Thomas also dominates in the weight-room with an impressive squat max of 345 pounds!

In just reading this, one can see that he is a special player but I wanted to know what he feels like that makes him standout.

“I’m a team player, first,” Thomas said. “I am a great leader. I don’t just lead on the football field; I lead off of the football field as well. I absolutely love the game of football and all that comes with it. It is truly a passion of mine.”

Wow. You have to love to have a guy on the team like that.

Conversely, he must be a player that causes serious issues for opposing teams and coaches.

I caught up with one coach that had to scheme against him, and he had a glowing respect for the young man and his talents.

“Thomas is the kind of guy that you have to really game plan against in order to stop him. There are so many things that Thomas does well and you have to be ready for that. He is just a freak from an athletic standpoint.”

That athleticism could also be in part due to the fact that Thomas is also a standout basketball player and he runs track for his school.

Thomas is a member of the My Recruits program that is ran by Coach Lou Perrone. We wrote about this company in a previous article and they continue to show up and show out in our articles. Proof to the work that they do and the amount of young men they serve.

I spoke to Coach P and he had impressive things to say of Thomas.

“There are a lot of colleges and coaches that are interested in Thomas,” Perrone said. “They are not yet giving him a true position, because there are just so many that he is good at and they do not want to put him in a box.”

“I spoke to a coach in the Mid-American conference on his behalf and they see him as a cover corner. Other coaches see him as a wideout. He is just that versatile and athletic. Wherever he lands and whatever position it may be, this guy has a bright future!”

Wow! Not enough can be said of this dynamic playmaker! It will be interesting to see what school Thomas attends, as well as what position he plays.


Squad Recruits:

Twitter: @15ctj_

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