Player Spotlight: Da’Marion Clemons C/O ’22 Wideout/Tailback/Defensive End/Linebacker

Da’Marion Clemons is a dynamic playmaker that plays all over the field for Seminole County High School in Donalsonville, Ga.

The junior plays wideout, tailback, middle linebacker, defensive end and kick return.

Clemons could probably paint your house for you if you needed it, he does it all!

Standing at 6’1.5, 195 pounds, this amazing athlete has great size already, with more time to grow.

Clemons currently runs a 4.6 in the forty-yard dash and he has a squat max of 315 pounds.

While the season did not go as planned for the Indians, Clemons did have his own good fortune on the year.

He finished his junior campaign with over 100 tackles on the year, and 5 of those stops were the result of quarterback sacks. He was also able to force an impressive 5 fumbles on the year and he recorded a safety!

Clemons certainly has a nose for the football!

“This season did not go how we expected it to as a team,” Clemons said. “We hope to bounce back next year and do better as a unit. But for me personally, I was finally able to get on the field and showcase the talents that I knew that I had all along.”

“I played every game with a purpose. When one of the leaders on the team got hurt, I was able to step up and lead us in the way that we needed to be lead. I feel like I was able to lift the team up and recreate the sense of brotherhood.”

Clemons has a knack for getting to the ball, and a knack for getting his teammates to work hard and respond to his leadership!

I wanted to know how he stood against other players in the country and he let me know that there were a few things he feels that makes him different.

“I’m an all-around player,” Clemons said. “I love being a field general on the defensive side of the ball; it’s somewhat therapeutic to me. I think of it as a way to get away from everyone and it’s just me and my guys out there.”

The most outlandish thing about Clemons and his game, is that the young man has only played football for two years out of his life!

While he does not have any offers currently, Clemons feels that he will have them coming in, in due time and we share that sentiment.

“I believe God has big plans for me in my future,” Clemons said. “So for now, I will remain humble and wait for my time to come. I could have only dreamed to make it as far as I have.”

A hard-worker and humble, great combo!

Clemons currently holds a 3.0 GPA, which shows that he does his work in the classroom and he understands the importance of it.


Twitter: @DaMarionClemon1

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