Player Spotlight: Kolten Warner C/O ’22 Cornerback/Safety

Kolten Warner is a dynamic playmaker for Sandra Day O’Connor High School in Arizona. We have written on multiple players from there, such as Christian Makanoeich.

The senior-to-be plays all over the secondary for the Eagles, as he sees time at Nickel and both safety spots.

The 5’11 175 pounder is a force on defense, as he has not given up a completion in man coverage all season long, and he has forced 5 pass breakups.

Warner Island, perhaps?!

To add to that impressive statline, the junior has recorded 39 tackles on the season, as he averages about 5 tackles per game. Warner has also recovered a fumble on the year.

Being around the football is nothing new to Warner, as his athleticism has provided him with opportunities to be near the ball his whole career.

“I feel like what separates me from others, is my athleticism,” Warner said. “Last season, I also played wideout and tailback and I was able to understand things more from that side of the ball. I feel like that has translated and assisted me on defense.”

“I am also at a size that I can be plugged in almost anywhere, hence what I did last year and this year, and that also adds value for me. I am willing to do whatever my team needs of me and play what is required to help us win.”

Talk about a team first mentality!

Warner has been a part of some big things at O’Connor. Just last season, his team went 3-7 in a down year. This year, they are in the playoffs and look to finish off with a state championship.

“I feel like we are somewhat seen as underdogs this season,” Warner said. “We didn’t have the best year last fall and now this year, we are in the semifinals against Chaparral on our home turf. It’s been a wild ride for sure!”

“This team has put in the work this year. We did what was needed to put us in this position. We didn’t do it alone, however. The coaches have done a wonderful job in putting in countless hours of work, to prepare us for this moment and against each opponent we have faced.”

“Even the practices have a level of intensity that we have to live up to and then that translates to game days. If we don’t live up to it, the coaches hold us accountable as well. I love that and I think it is great, because they hold us to a high standard!”

Sounds like O’Connor football is here to stay.

Warner also gets things done in the classroom, as he currently holds a 3.0 GPA.

While Warner does not currently hold any offers, we feel a deep playoff run could change that!


Twitter: @KoltenWarner33

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