Player Spotlight: Vance Linton C/O ’21 Linebacker/Corner/Safety

Vance Linton is a sensational senior playmaker for North Atlanta High School.

Standing at 5’9 180 pounds, the athletic senior plays linebacker, but he can also lineup at corner and safety, showing his versatility in both the run and pass game.

To add to that, Linton was able to amass 31 tackles on the year, averaging 4 tackles per contest. Linton was also able to get 6 tackles for loss, in addition to 5 sacks on opposing quarterbacks, with a forced fumble and he also caused a safety!

Quite a resume’!

Though his senior season has ended, along with his high school football career, Linton felt like he gave it his all, and left it all out on the field.

“Even though our season has ended, I am proud of what we were able to accomplish,” Linton said. “This senior class was impressive and I am so proud to be a part of it. I feel like this group did everything that it could to extend the season as far as we could. I am proud of us.”

Sounds like the ultimate team player!

Outside of the impressive plays he made, he wanted coaches to know that he isn’t like every other player.

“I’m a very physical player,” Linton said. “There is nothing that excites me more, than crushing running backs; it’s what I do best. I love meeting them in the hole and stopping them. I don’t care if it’s up the middle or outside, I love ending drives!”

In the weight-room, Linton works equally as hard. Though he is 180 pounds, he is able to squat an impressive 405 pounds! Linton also has a max bench of 240.

Showing off his wheels, Linton also runs a 4.7 in the forty-yard-dash.

Linton also has a 2.5 GPA, which does qualify him for next level ball.



Twitter: @vn_linton27

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