Player Spotlight: DShawn Wells Offensive Line C/O ’21 SIGNED William Penn

DShawn Wells is a dominant offensive lineman for Hephzibah High School in Hephzibah, Georgia.

The 6’3 290-pound monster in the trenches for the Rebels.

Displaying a high football IQ and a great deal of athleticism, Wells has the ability to play both center and offensive tackle, two positions that are often thought of as hard enough to play on their own, but wells has the innate ability to thrive at both!

Wells also dominates in the weight-room, as he has a max squat of 415 pounds and a max bench of 270 pounds! He also moves well for a big fella, as he runs a 5.1 in the forty-yard-dash!

Although his senior season did not go as expected in the wins and losses column, Wells feels like he gave his best effort all year.

“I feel like it took us awhile to get our legs under us this season,” Wells said. “Once we did and we realized that we are a better team than we have performed, we played much better; we just needed that confidence in ourselves.”

“It didn’t end how any of us would have liked, but I know my guys gave their best efforts, and that makes everything sit well with me.”

Although the wins may not have come how Wells and the Rebels would have liked, he was able to help anchor an offense to some impressive stats on the year.

The team would average over 360 yards of offense per contest, and they would score 29 times on the season, which is nearly four times per game.

Many of those yards and points came from Wells’ and his efforts up front.

On the season, Wells’ quarterback was able to throw for nearly 1,400 yards and the leading rusher had nearly 800 yards on the season. There were also three other players to rush for 145 yards or more on the year.

To add to that, Wells had an astonishing 35 pancakes on the year!

Somebody breakout the syrup for this young man!

Without Wells and his blocking, one would have to wonder if the offense could have moved that successfully!

Aside from the ability to dominate upfront, Wells wanted to let me know what makes him standout in comparison to other players.

“You know, I feel like the most important thing that I bring to the table, is my ability to lead,” Wells said. “My leadership and my work ethic take me to the next level.”

“I lead my team and especially my guys up front, by encouraging them and showing them how to play smart, sound football at all times.”

“I put forth a great deal of effort because in the game of football, effort just cannot be taught. I also try to be a sponge and just soak up and learn all of the information that I possibly can that is taught to me. I also think that it is important to build a relationship with your coaches and teammates, and I like to say I have done that well, also.”

Wow. Talk about a high character leader!

Wells currently holds a 2.8 GPA, but he told us that it is on the rise and will be at a 3.0 soon, which will allow him to qualify for the next level of football.

Speaking of the next level, big #50 currently holds five offers from Augusta United, Birmingham Prep, Mass Maritime, Penn University and Tabor College.

It is our belief that this impressive young man will pull in more offers before it is all said and done!


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