Player Spotlight: Luis Morales C/O ’21 Kicker/Punter

Luis Morales #9 Kicker/Punter

Luis Morales is a dynamic kicker for New Hampstead High School in Bloomingdale, Georgia.

In his senior season, the talented kicker was able to score a total of 44 points on the year. Of those points, he went 38/42 on PAT attempts for 90.47% on the year. Morales was also able to be perfect on the year on field goals, as he converted 2/2 in 2020, in addition to 5 touchbacks on the season.

Not bad for a guy that has only been playing football for three years!

While his shortened senior season did not end the way he wanted it to, being 6-2 and eliminated from the playoffs, the talented kicker had great things to say about his final year on the field.

“All things considered, I think we did really well this year,” Morales said. “We overcame a lot of adversity, the biggest obstacle of course being Covid-19 coming close to cancelling our season.”

“But overall, we came together as a team, and we got the job done, as we finished with only two losses on the year. I feel like that even though we were eliminated from the playoffs, that it was a good season for myself and my teammates. I am proud of this team.”

Sounds like Morales is a team player!

To add to that, Morales told me some other things that he feels makes him standout as a player.

“I am not just your average kicker,” Morales said. “I have a great deal of athleticism, so that allows for me to react quickly in bad situations, be it a bad snap or a bad hold, I am able to react to that and make a positive out of it.”

“I’m actually very quick and athletic, and I would like to attribute that to my background in running track and field. As a result, I have been able to make some key tackles and score on a few two-point conversions. I’m certainly a guy that can be depended on in pressure situations.”

Being a multi-sport athlete always seems payoff in a big way!

Some of those track and field stats are as follows: 41.33 in 300m hurdles 2:06 in 800m 19’2” long jump.

Morales states that he is looking for a school to call home for the next few years and that he is in a situation in which the US Army will be covering his tuition and books for the duration of his college experience!

“I am so Blessed to have my tuition and books covered,” Morales said. “All I need is a place to call home while those things are taken care of.”

Morales holds a 3.0 GPA, which is enough to qualify him to be able to get into college and play football.


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