Player Spotlight: Cameron High C/O ’22 Defensive Lineman

Cameron High #92

Cameron High is a physical football player for Coffee County High School in Douglas, Georgia, and he is the twin brother of Brandon High, who we have previously written on.

The bigger player of the twins, Cameron is a defensive lineman, and he sees time at both defensive end and defensive tackle for the Trojans.

Standing at 6’0, 275 pounds, Cameron is a workhorse in the weight-room, as he has a squat max of 415 pounds! Add to that, Cameron also has a max bench of 320 pounds, as he just nudges out his brother by 5 pounds on the bench!

I’m sure that creates interesting conversation at home!

Like his brother, Cameron has also been an integral part of the team that has seen Coffe rip off 9 years this year, with only 2 losses.

In regards to his team and how he feels of them, Cameron had some great things to say.

“I feel great about this team,” High said. “Our defense is truly the heart and soul to our team, especially the defensive line! Our offense is really good as well!”

“I feel as though that our best football is ahead of us and that we can truly win it all, as long as we stick to the basics; knowing our assignments and carrying them out.”

Sounds like the Trojans have a plan of action to get them a ring!

On the season, High has 52 total tackles, with 22 of those tackles being solo. He also adds 3 sacks, 4 quarterback pressures, for nearly 5 tackles per contest.

High also adds in 3 pass deflections from his defensive line spots, showing off his inner JJ Watt.

High has the stats and the abilities that are easily shown, but he wanted us to know that beyond the stats, he is different from other players.

“What truly separates me, is the fact that you cannot block me one on one,” High said. “I’m much too physical for that. I also run to the ball and hustle every play. If you’re not down by the time I get to you, you will be!”

Strong words from a strong young man!

Like his brother, High does not yet hold any offers, but as his season progresses, we feel that will change soon!

The twins will lead the Trojans onto the field this Friday against Calhoun, with the hopes of making it to the state championship.


Twitter: @CameronHigh4

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