Player Spotlight: Dylan Witherspoon C/O ’22 Quarterback/Tailback/Wideout/Safety/CB

Dylan Witherspoon is an athlete in every sense of the word, and he plays for Windsor High School in Windsor, Missouri.

For the Greyhounds, Witherspoon sees time at quarterback, wing-back, he is the starting wideout, he is the backup to an all-state tailback in his brother, Dalton, as well as playing at both safety positions and cornerback!

Is there anything this young man can’t do on the football field?! He plays every position outside of the offensive line, which earned him the nickname ‘Mr. Versatile’ and we cannot think of anything more fitting!

Because he plays so many different positions on each play, he is often seen as a decoy to open up things for his brother, who gained over 3,000 yards on the year and his quarterback, Kenton Sargent , to gain over 2,000 yards on the year.

That selflessness just shows the type of character that Dylan possess. To think in terms of ‘we not me’ and have that type of mentality is tough to find these days, but Dylan does it all with class.

While he may not have had the yards that the other guys had, without him, his team would not have been in the positions to win the games that they did.

Those games resulted in Witherspoon and his teammates to finish the year with a perfect 15-0 record, in addition to a state championship victory, both being the first in school history.

Though Dylan plays selflessly, that is not to say that he did not make the most of the touches that he did have. Dylan would finish the year with nearly 1,000 total yards.

Dylan gained 494 yards on the ground with just 68 carries, averaging over 7.2 yards per carry to go along with 9 touchdowns on the ground.

Dylan also caught 23 passes for 346 yards, for over 15 yards per catch! He would also turn 5 of those catches into touchdowns.

Dylan added 2 passing touchdowns to his resume’ for good measure, showing he can throw the ball as well!

On defense, Dylan was equally as effective, closing out the year with 86 tackles and one for loss. He also had 3 pass deflections, 3 forced fumbles and 3 fumble recoveries. Dylan truly has what it takes to play this game!

Witherspoon has good size already, as he stands at 5’11, 160 pounds, with plenty of time to add to that frame, as he has a squat max of 315 and a bench max of 225. Witherspoon will certainly work as hard in the weight-room as he does on the field.

Witherspoon also runs an impressive 4.5 in the forty-yard-dash, showing that he has the speed to compete at the next level!

In the classroom is where Dylan really takes things up a notch, with his 3.8 GPA, which is more than enough to play college level ball.

While he does not have any offers at this time, we believe that those will come in very soon!

Witherspoon is also a part of the My Recruits program with Coach Lou Perrone, who we have previously written on.


Squad Recruits:

Twitter: @Dylanspoon15

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