Player Spotlight: Max Amicarelli C/O ’22 Offensive Lineman

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Max Amicarelli #73

Max Amicarelli is an offensive lineman for Estrella Foothills High School in Goodyear, Arizona.

Amicarelli played an integral part on the offensive line for the Wolves this past fall.

Amicarelli helped pave the way for nearly 400 yards per game on the season, as well as 35 touchdowns on the year.

The Wolves would average 236 yards passing per game and 155 yards on the ground and Amicarelli was a huge part of their success.

With his help, the Wolves had a 1,900 yard passer and the team had over 1,200 rushing yards on the year.

All of those yards would not be possible without the offensive line, and Amicarelli was a big part of that, as he was named 2nd Team All-Region this season! Amicarelli did this despite missing three games due to a transfer rule.

Standing at 6’3, 265 pounds Amicarelli certainly has the look of a college football player already! In the weight-room, Amicarelli has a max squat of 405 and a deadlift max of 405 to match it.

I caught up wit Amicarelli and got some of his thoughts on the past season.

“I was just happy to play this year,” Amicarelli said. “We were Blessed to just have a season. I was happy to make 2md Team All-Region, even though I had to miss those games. I’m excited to move on to next season and continue to work hard and to get better.”

One place that not many can compete with Amicarelli is in the classroom. Amicarelli currently holds a 3.8 GPA, which certainly qualifies him to play college ball.

Amicarelli wanted people to know that he is not your typical football player and that there is more to him than just that.

“I’m a hard worker in football, but that’s not just who I am,” Amicarelli said. “I also work hard in the classroom and in the weight-room.”

“Outside of those things, my mom and dad have really taught me how far being respectful and manners will take you in life. They have instilled those values into me, as well as how important work ethic is. They have also always made sure to keep my faith strong.”

Great values, great person, great student and great football player. What more could you ask for?!

While Amicarelli does not have any offers as of yet, it is hard to see how anyone would want to pass on a young man like him!

Amicarelli has teamed up with the My Recruits program with Coach Lou Perrone, who we have previously written on. In doing this, Coach Perrone has already fielded many, many calls on Amicarelli, proving the My Recruits difference!


Squad Recruits:

Twitter: @amicarelli_max

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