Organization Spotlight: Dave Bagchi of Team Impact 7v7

Dave Bagchi is the Executive Program Director of Team Impact Coaching located in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the current coach of a 7v7 team in Arizona known as Team Impact Coaching 7v7.

When a player becomes a part of the program with Coach Bagchi, he is built up completely. Bagchi and his staff create and mold complete athletes!

Bagchi is a highly respected coach of My Recruits program owner, Coach Lou Perrone, who we have previously written on. Coach Perrone states that Coach Bagchi is changing the game in Arizona for young athletes aspiring to play football.

Off of the trusted recommendation of Coach Perrone, we decided to sit down with Coach Bagchi and see some of his thoughts and share some insights on things from the perspective of a 7v7 coach.

Q: How long have you coached football?
A: I have been coaching football for 10 years now.

Q. What is it that excites you about coaching?  
A. I would say that the biggest thing would be helping a non-believer to BELIEVE by giving them the right tools to succeed in the most challenging of situations.

Q.How do you feel about being able to build young men through coaching?  
A. The life lessons we teach as a coach and mentor establish the principles of successful contributors in society.  That is the main goal.  WHO are you?  Kind, generous, sharing, hard working, positive, coach-able and relentless in your pursuit.  That translates to everything in LIFE.  

Q. What benefits would you say that 7on7 football provides to players?  
A. I believe that 7on7 helps to teach physicality between defenders and receivers in pass coverage as well as route concepts and timing for offensive passing teams.  The core benefit is for Fall tackle groups to work together and compete in the off-season.
How do you feel about upcoming events: We have an exciting 7v7 season coming up in the Winter, 2021.  We do not cut any athlete who wants to come train and play for our teams- 10U, 12U, Middle School, High School Freshman and Varsity teams.  We are always excited to battle and perform at the highest level and take on the best competition we can find.    Its a rush for our families and coaches.

Q. Do you have any star players on the team that you would like to recognize?  
A. We have stars on teams throughout the organization but on the High School Varsity we have the following:  Goldwater 2021 RB Earnest Greenwood, Chaparral 2021 wideout Capri Hamilton, Chaparral 2022 QB Brayten Silbor, Central 2023 QB Dominik Bagchi, Chavez 2022 DB Damien Scott, Cactus Shadow 2021 wideout Ryan Gropel, Brophy 2021 wideout Jackson Camarata are just some of the key players in our organization.

Q. With the criticism that can sometimes come from 7v7 football, who do you think will benefit most from it?  
A. I think the wideouts on offense and all defenders on defense benefit from 7s.  Mainly because it allows athletes to work on the technique, physicality while getting lots of reps.  The defensive backs can also work on variations of Man and Zone.  Safeties can work on responsibilities, reads and footwork.  Linebackers can work on coverage in level one space underneath.

“I would also like to add that our motto is Champions Start Here,” Bagchi said. “The key to that message, is that we take on any athlete who is interested and committed to playing. We then provide them tools and a roadmap to get from where there are to their dreams.”

With coaches like Bagchi around, it seems that 7v7 football is in good hands, as well as football in Arizona that seems to be on the constant rise!

Twitter: @TeamImpactCoach  

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