Player Spotlight: Ricarlo Scott C/O ’21 Offensive Line/Defensive Line

Ricarlo Scott is an exceptional senior athlete for Kipp Atlanta Collegiate High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Scott plays in the trenches for the Warriors, seeing time on both the offensive and defensive lines.

On offense, Scott plays guard for Kipp, ,and he helped anchor an offensive line that averaged over 250 yards per game with 21 total touchdowns in the Covid-shortened season.

Scott helped block for a tailback that averaged nearly 15 yards per carry and 934 yards rushing in just 7 games!

On defense, Scott saw time at both defensive end and defensive tackle on the year, and he finished with 11 tackles and a sack on the year.

Scott is a monster in the weight-room, as he is able to squat an impressive 505 pounds! Scott also has a power clean max of 265 pounds.

While the season did not finish the way that Scott wanted it to, he felt like the team made improvements and that the future is bright for the Warriors.

“The season was one of the better seasons that Kipp has had in recent memory,” Scott said. “We were only one game away from making the playoffs and we had a good run. Being a senior, I had to lead a young team, but I feel like moving forward, they are a team to watch.”

Scott feels like he brings certain intangibles to the game that separates him from other players in the country.

“I believe that I am a very hard-worker,” Scott said. “That work ethic rubs off on my teammates and that elevates them and their level of play as a result.”

Talk about a true leader!

While Scott does not currently hold any offers, he feels like it is only a matter of time before a team takes a chance on him.


Twitter: @carlo80452

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