Player Spotlight: Tyler Balsarick C/O ’22 Linebacker/Fullback

Tyler Balsarick is an athlete for Keller Central High School in Keller, Texas.

The junior plays both fullback on offense and mike linebacker on defense for the Chargers.

Known as the ‘Quarterback on defense’ by his defensive coordinator, Balsarick is as talented as they come. His coach also stated that he is a ferocious tackler and a coach and a leader on and off the field.

High praise for any player!

On the season Balsarick finished with 92 tackles in only 8 games played! He also added 2 forced fumbles and 6 quarterback hurries on the Covid-shortened season.

“Our season was cut short this fall by Covid-19,” Balsarick said. “Even though we only got to play eight games, I feel Blessed to have gotten that many this season.”

Balsarick is an animal in the weight-room, as he posts a squat max of 575 pounds! Balsarick also has a bench press of 360 pounds and a power clean of 320 pounds to go along with a deadlift of 525!

This guy could compete with The Hulk!

Balsarick wanted to let us know what he feels helps him standout as a player, and it’s hard to see many flaws in his game.

“One thing that makes me stand out as a player is my football IQ,” Balsarick said. “Also, my work ethic is great, as I’m always one of the first players at practice. Another thing is my leadership with my teammates, such as helping them with their alignments and assignments.

“Another thing that stands out about me, is my distance from the ball at the end of each play with relentless pursuit. My abilities to quickly read and diagnose plays causes fits for offenses, in addition to my quickness and power. There are not many lineman that can block me on their own, which causes them to either double me, or try to hold and does not always work. This is why I have so many solo tackles, and most of them are at or behind the line of scrimmage.”

Balsarick takes his grades seriously as well, as he currently holds a 3.0 GPA, which is enough to qualify him for college ball.

While he does not have any offers, it will be hard for coaches to look past this phenomenal player much longer!


Twitter: @balsarick_tyler

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