Player Spotlight: Dane Whiston C/O ’22 Tailback/Corner/Safety/Linebacker

Dane Whiston is an athlete for Governor’s Academy in Byfield, Massachusetts.

Whiston is an athletic playmaker that can be seen on either side of the ball for the Governors.

On offense, Whiston sees time at tailback, and his 5’9, 200-pound frame looks the part for the position at the next level.

But Whiston also shows up on defense at corner, safety and linebacker, and he can play virtually anywhere on the defense.

Described as a swiss-army knife by his high school coach, Whiston can also play special teams, play nearly every position on defense, and be used in multiple situations on the offensive side of the ball, which truly shows his versatility.

Due to Covid-19, Whiston and his teammates were unable to have a season, but he looks to come back stronger and better than ever in 2021, for his senior season.

“It was difficult to play games with the restrictions set in place in Massachusetts,” Whiston said. “I was fortunate to be elected captain for my junior and senior year, so I couldn’t let the disappointment get to me. I had to display the ideal example for my teammates, because we were all in it together. While it was hard to display my skills on the field, I focused on bettering myself as a teammate and a captain, in order to bring the team closer together.

“Luckily, we were able to play one 7v7 game, which was exciting for all players and coaches. It was a great experience for us and I was able to show off my skills, and ultimately, play the game that I love. I am anticipating my senior year, as things will be back to normal again. My team and I have one common goal; win a New England championship. Given our hard loss in the championship game last season, I’m determined to take my team back and win. I have been working my hardest every single day, because I will not accept defeat again.”

Outside of the football field, Whiston has put up some impressive numbers as he has a max bench of 275 pounds, max squat of 395 pounds max deadlift of 365 pounds, max clean of 215 pounds, a forty-yard-dash of 4.52, a 5-10-5 time of 4.46, and a vertical of 30.5 inches!

While those numbers are impressive, the most impressive numbers may be in the classroom, as Whiston has a 3.6 unweighted GPA and a 4.1 weighted with honor roll!

While Whiston does not currently hold any offers, it will be hard to pass up on this playmaker for much longer for colleges!



Twitter: @danewhiston

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