Player Spotlight: Larry Ragland Jr Wideout

Larry Ragland Jr is a wideout at ‘Dream U’, otherwise known as Independence Community College and is the second JUCO player we have written on.

Standing at 6’3, 185 pounds, Ragland certainly has the size that you would like to see in a wideout at the collegiate level.

Ragland feels like he has a lot to prove while being at Dream U and he is set on doing just that.

“I feel like I will do great this season,” Ragland said. “I have a lot to prove this upcoming season and I plan to do just that.”

In the weight-room, Ragland works hard, as he has a max squat of over 300 pounds! He also runs a 4.5 in the forty-yard-dash.

Ragland wanted to let us know what separates him from other players, and we enjoyed hearing what he had to say.

“I’m a hard-worker, firstly,” Ragland said. “I’m also great at going up and making the catch. If the quarterback throws it near me, I’m going to go get it! I feel like my grind is different and I want it more than anyone. Hard work pays off.”

Ragland is hoping to impress coaches at Dream U and pull in some offers like some of the past wideouts for Indy.


Twitter: @LarryRaglandJr1

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