Player Spotlight: Tyler Welch C/O ’21 Defensive End

Tyler Welch is a dynamic playmaker for Peninsula High School in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Welch plays defensive end for the Seahawks. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, his team has not started playing yet, but they plan to this spring.

Standing at 6’5, 250 pounds, Welch has great size to play at the next level. Just last season, Welch weighed 170 pounds, but took his time in quarantine to really bulk up!

During that time off, Welch has gotten his squat max up to 385 pounds, as well as increased his bench press max to 275 pounds!

In the 10-yard split, Welch has a time of 1.52 and has timed in at a 4.23 in the 20-yard agility drill.

While Welch and his team have not yet hit the field this year, he has high hopes for what they can do as a unit.

“I feel like the culture that we have is very strong,” Welch said. “It almost feels like a family. As long as all eleven of us on the field work as one, we will be able to take home the state championship.”

Strong words from a strong young man!

Welch feels like he has certain intangibles that separate him from other players.

“I am a hard-worker, and I will take on any task that is asked of me,” Welch said. “Any time a task is given to me, I give my all at all times, no matter what it is.

“I also feel as though I am very coachable and I listen carefully, and then I perform tasks exactly as I am told. I will continue to outwork anyone and everyone that I can. If I fail at something, I don’t sulk, I just assess what I did wrong and work on it until I perfect it.”

Wow, it sounds like Welch really works hard at his craft!

Welch current;y has a 3.01 GPA, which is enough to qualify him to play college ball.

As of now, Welch has offers from Clarke University, Linfield University and Judson University. It will be hard for coaches to pass on this impressive young man for too much longer!


Twitter: @TylerWe24055930

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