Player Spotlight: Rocco Schramm C/O ’22 Tailback/Linebacker/Kicker

Rocco Schramm is a three-way starter for Monte Vista High School in Danville, California.

The talented playmaker lines up at tailback on offense, linebacker on defense and kicker on special teams for the Mustangs.

A dual-sport athlete, Schramm is also a lacrosse player for the school, as well as for West Coast Starz.

From his Lacrosse career, great things have been said of the junior:


Schramm is a physical specimen that stands out on the hoof, and it’s no surprise to hear that he was a sophomore starter at linebacker for Monte Vista football. He loves to mix it up physically and can push anyone around with his extremely strong lower body. On the flip side, he can also run by guys in the open field with relative ease. Schramm was very aggressive with his 1v1 defense and after a possession or two, guys seemed reluctant to go against him.

Since September 1, when colleges were able to contact juniors in high school, Schramm has had schools all over the country reaching out to play lacrosse for them. There are also several schools that have a deep interest and very well could offer this talented playmaker!

MATTHEW RUSSI: Varsity Head Football Coach, Monte Vista High School

“He’s strong as heck,” said Monte Vista head football coach Matt Russi. “He’s done a ton of stuff, put on a ton of muscle. You can tell in the way he looks, and he enjoys the work. A lot of people don’t enjoy the weight room. They just go into the weight room with everybody else. You can tell he enjoys the process of trying to get better. 

“And then he also has, his dad played football in college. He’s a coach on the JV team. So he understands football. I think what helps him in lacrosse is, I haven’t watched him play, but I played lacrosse too, and athletically I think he’s just probably on a different level than everybody else at lacrosse. He works at it, but he’s got talent.”


“Rocco is a two-sport athlete, lacrosse/football. Big, strong and physical player. Good feet and good stick-work. Plays violent and aggressive, but under control and with high IQ. Our best 2022 defender.”

Personality: “Great kid – fun to coach, fun to watch. Desire to be great, works hard in all facets. Leads by example.”

When I asked what makes Schramm standout as a player in his eyes, he had several thinsg that he wanted to say.

  1. VERSATILE:  I never leave the field.  Start on Offense, Defense and kicking and have been doing that since I started playing football at age 7.   I can play on both sides of the ball and depending on a specific college needs I can play any of the 3 in college.  I’m also a 2 sport athlete in football and lacrosse.  I have the ability to pay both or either in college.
  2. WORK ETHIC:  I strongly feel no one out works me.  I get up at 4 am and lift.  Then school.  Then practice.  Then I work with a speed coach or do speed training on my own, finally one more short lift at night before bed.  I wake up the next day and do it all over again.  It’s common to see me by myself pushing my car in a circle around my high school parking lot.  My motivation is to work when my competition is not working.  That’s why I get up at 4 am because I know guys I’m competing against are sleeping.  I refuse to be outworked by anyone.
  3. OLD SCHOOL:  My dad raised me as an old school player.  He played college football at Colorado State in the early 90’s and is in the Monte Vista Football Hall of Fame.  He raised me the way football players used to be raised.  Old School meaning I play through pain, I don’t take myself out of games when I’m tired, I’m a team player not an individual, I don’t celebrate when I do something good as it’s not about me, it’s about my team.  Everything is about the team.  I am nothing without my teammates and that’s how I was raised.
  4. IQ:  I’ve always been a student of the game.  Probably from my Dad.  Where most kids watch highlights of themselves.  I watch “low lights” of my play and have been doing that since I was 7.  My dad and I put together all the bad clips where I did something wrong and we analyze it and dissect it after every game.  I spend hours watching film of myself, both good and bad and hours watching film of my opponents.  Something I really enjoy.  So much so that I have interest in going into coaching someday.
  5. Academics:  Currently have a 4.5 GPA this semester.  School has always been very important to me as I know there is life after sports.

With a GPA like that, Schramm would have his choice of any school in the country that he can go to and play next-level sports, no matter which way he decides to go!

While Schramm has been unable to play his junior year of football due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions, it has not stopped him from working to get better and practice every day.

In his sophomore year, Schramm was 6’0, 175 pounds. Taking advantage of his time off, he has bulked up and is now standing at 6’1, 225 pounds, which is great size for any position he wants to play!

In both his freshman and sophomore seasons as the starting tailback, Schramm was able to get up over 1,000 yards rushing on the year. He was also able to lead his team in scoring, as well as tackles, tackles for loss and sacks, in each of his first two seasons! From the special teams side of things, he has been perfect on PAT’s and field goals!

For his efforts, Schramm was able to land the MVP award in back to back seasons on the football field.

Rocco wanted to leave coaches with how he feels that he is viewed and how coaches view him.

“Schramm is a top D-1 prospect that is just waiting for California to allow him to showcase his ability and skills.  He’s shown it year after year that he is one of the top D-1 prospects in the state of California and one of the best, if not THE best Lacrosse D poles in California.  College Lacrosse coaches have already gotten the message as Rocco was able to play club lacrosse this year, but football coaches should be on the lookout for this player once CA allows Schramm’s junior season to be played.  His abilities, work ethic, strength, mindset and overall package will be something every D1 program in the country will be fighting over for the class of 2022.”

Bold statement from a young man that can truly do it all! While he does not yet hold any offers, it will be hard to not offer a kid with great size and abilities like Schramm! 


Twitter: @SchrammRocco

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