Player Spotlight: LeCharles Bentley C/O ’22 Offensive Line

Bentley #64 in the trenches

LeCharles Bentley is a dominant player for Avon High School in Avon, Ohio.

Bentley plays in the trenches on the offensive line for the Eagles, and he has seen time at each position.

Bentley helped lead his team to a perfect 10-0 record on the season, before taking an exit in the playoffs to end his junior season at 10-1.

“I thought my team played really well all season,” Bentley said. “We really shined there towards the end of the season, especially in the playoff run. We played really good competition all year, and we played against several D-1 caliber players and fared well in most games.

I feel like we are a very good team…extremely good. My coaching staff and my teammates are what makes Avon the program that it is.”

For his efforts, Bentley has been voted Second Team Lorain County, he is a 2-time semifinalist and a 3-time SWC champion!

Besides dominating most teams and having great games, Bentley wanted coaches to know what they are getting when they offer him.

“My best attribute is my football IQ,” Bentley said. “For most teams, it may be about having the biggest or the tallest lineman, but what I may lack in height, definitely does not keep me from being dominate. I am very technically sound, and part of that is due to my high football IQ.

“I am also very strong and I have faced guys that are committed to D-1 schools, such as West Virginia, Iowa State, Wisconsin and other top programs, and I did very well against them, which proves I belong at the next level. I am just waiting for my chance!

“I live by the motto of ‘work harder not smarter’ and that can definitely be seen on my film, just turn on the tape.”

Standing at 6’1 1/2, 265 pounds, Bentley still has great size to be able to do big things at the next level.

In the weight-room, Bentley has a max squat of 425 pounds and a bench press max of 275!

Bentley is also a member of the My Recruits program, who will have previously written on, and is one of the top recruiting services in the country. Coach Lou Perrone and his staff do a great job at getting guys recruited, and evidence of that could be seen as Bentley has only been in the program for a week, and already got his first D-1 offer from Morgan State!

Bentley has that offer from Morgan State, as well as others, and that proves to be the #MyRecruitsDifference! We feel his play and their help will give him more offers in the future!


Twitter: @LeCharlesBentl1

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