Player Spotlight: Bruce Meurer Jr C/O ’22 Tailback/Fullback/Linebacker/Defensive End

Bruce Meurer Jr is a standout football player for Eustis High School in Eustis, Florida.

Meurer is a versatile player that rotates at outside and inside linebacker, but sees most of his reps from his defensive end spot.

On offense, Meurer sees time at both fullback and tailback, and is used as his team needs him. At tailback, Meurer made the most of his carries and averaged 6.9 yards per carry and a touchdown, in a pass-heavy offensive system.

On defense, where Meurer makes his biggest impact, he would finish with 31 tackles on the season, and he added 7 TFL to his resume’. Meurer also harrasses quarterbacks all season long, as he finished with 3 sacks on the year, in addition to 10 QB hits and 15 hurries, with 1 PBU.

If teams are looking for a player to come in and dominate on defense, Meurer is their guy!

In the weight-room, Meurer has a deadlift of 440 pounds and a squat max of 250 pounds.

While Meurer may not always make the tackles, he is always at or near the ball and states that he is a threat on every play and routinely takes on double-team blocks. He feels as though his greatest asset is his ability to pressure the quarterback.

Meurer also does a great job of not letting anyone getting outside of him and forcing opposing ball carriers back to the inside.

Meurer is also a member of the My Recruits program, who will have previously written on, and is one of the top recruiting services in the country. Coach Lou Perrone and his staff do a great job at getting guys recruited, and it is likely someone will take a chance on Meurer very soon!

In the classroom, Meurer gets it done as well, as he currently has a 3.4 GPA, which is more than enough to qualify him for next level ball.

Hudl: looki88c80cb

Twitter: @meurer_jr

Squad Recruits:

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