Player Spotlight: Christopher Cordero C/O ’23 Tailback

Christopher Cordero is a sensational sophomore for Desert Edge High School in Goodyear, Arizona.

Cordero is a tailback for the Scorpions and has seen success playing for them.

On the season, Cordero rushed for 1,124 yards, not bad for a sophomore!

Standing just under 5’8, and weighing in at 170 pounds, Cordero has good size for the position, and he still has time to add to his size over the next two seasons.

In the weight-room. Cordero takes care of business, as he has a max squat of 400 pounds! Cordero also runs a 4.56 in the forty-yard-dash.

Cordero sites that his speed and his lateral quickness are both positive things that help him to be the player he is today.

In the classroom, Cordero has a 3.1 GPA, which shows that he is serious about his grades, and he will qualify to play college sports.

Cordero is also a member of the My Recruits program, who will have previously written on, and is one of the top recruiting services in the country. Coach Lou Perrone and his staff do a great job at getting guys recruited, and it is likely someone will take a chance on Cordero very soon!


Twitter: @chriscxdero

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