Player Spotlight: Gavin Hodgson C/O ’21 Inside Linebacker/Tight End

Gavin Hodgson is a senior athlete out of Ralston Valley High School in Arvada, Colorado.

Hodgson plays tight end on offense for the Mustangs, but he sees most of his time on defense, at inside linebacker.

For his senior year, Hodgson would finish with 50 tackles on the year, in only 7 games played. He would add 6 TFL on the season, showing that he can help out in run support.

He also harassed quarterbacks for 3 sacks on the year, to go along with 4 hurries, showing that he rush the passer and cause problems there as well.

In the weight-room, Hodgson takes care of business, as he has a max squat of 405 pounds to go along with a max bench press of 325 pounds and a power clean of 275 pounds!

Hodgson proves he’s not just a weight-room guy, as he has a current timed forty-yard-dash of 4.6!

Standing at 5’10, weighing 200 pounds, Hodgson has the size to be put in virtually any position along the defense, ad he ca add weight to his frame.

While he had his fair share of tackles on the year, Hodgson stated it was not the year he expected.

“Considering all of the circumstances around football this season, it was not at all what I expected,” Hodgson said. “I was appreciative of what time I did have, however, and I am hungry for even more.

“I took advantage of the opportunities that this season afforded me, but I am not finished! I still have the desire to play at the next level.”

Hodgson stated that he knows that he may not be a perfect player, but he always strives to be and is always out to look to improve himself and better his game.

“I feel like I am never satisfied,” Hodgson said. “My ambitions for myself are very high. I will make the sacrifices needed to be able to play this game.

“I also value unity on the field. You have to do your part out on the field and be sure to communicate with one another. That is a team’s strongest foundation.

“Outside of that, I feel like I am very adaptable to situations and environments. That allows for me to be able to build good relationships and be an asset.”

Hodgson has a 3.0 in the classroom, showing that he takes it seriously, and that is enough to play at the next level. While Hodgson does not yet have any offers, we expect him to get some very soon!


Twitter: @Gavin_Hodgson32

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