Player Spotlight: Jacurri Brown C/O ’22 Quarterback

Jacurri Brown is the starting quarterback for the Lowndes High School Vikings out of Valdosta, Georgia. Brown is also the teammate of another player that we have previously written on, Chase Belcher.

Brown and Belcher connected to light up opposing defenses this past fall for nearly 500 yards and 6 touchdowns. Brown would finish his senior season with another deep playoff run and 2,638 total yards to go along with 30 total touchdowns.

Brown is ranked in the ESPN Top 300 list, and he is also ranked as the #1 Dual-Threat Quarterback for the ’22 class.

We were able to catch up with the high-profiled playmaker and talk ball, recruiting and some of the changes made at Lowndes this season.

Q. What’s it like playing the quarterback position?
A. It’s a great feeling. It makes you feel like you are in control, and I love the fact that all eyes are on me.

Q. What’s it like to play at a place like Lowndes?
A. It’s a great place to play with so much tradition. The stadium’s atmosphere is electric. The first night I ever went out there, I got goosebumps!

Q. Last year you made it to state, and this year, you had a playoff run. What do you feel is needed to get your team over the hump and win the state championship?
A. Honestly, we have the talent to win it all. A lot of it, is just mental. We have to get more experience and also, just have everyone come together for one common goal.

Q. What’s it like playing for Coach DuBose?
A. It’s great, honestly. He is a really open-minded guy. I love that he is an offensive guy and that his offense has a lot of collegiate flashes to it. I feel like that will help develop me for the next level.

Q. Randy Mac was at Lowndes for many years. How much different is it without him?
A. A lot has changed since he retired. I can say that we don’t hit as much as we used to. Some of the discipline and respect has dropped off some, but that is expected with a new coach coming in. We also don’t run as much as we used to.

Q. You’re the most heavily recruited quarterback ever at Lowndes. What’s that mean to you?
A. It means a lot to me. I get the opportunity to go showcase my talent at a top program in the country. It also helps because it means that my teammates will get exposure. I know that this area is not as heavily recruited, so it means a lot to me to be the one to help get the coaches here to look at all the talent we have.

Q. What’s the recruiting process been like?
A. The process has been wild. It gets wishy-washy some days, honestly. I can say that I have met a lot of great coaches along the way, and I have built some really good relationships as well. I am ready for this dead period to be up as well.

Q. Is being recruited difficult due to Covid restrictions?
A. YES, very difficult. I don’t want to make a blind decision. I want to see my next home, feel it and I might have to smell it too! But just the sense of getting to know a place is something that is missing in being recruited through these times.

Q. What can you do better to help your team?
A. I feel like I can work to become a better passer. I can also step into more of a vocal leader role, and push others to be great on the team with no exceptions.

Q.What things do you do well?
A. I feel like I am a good motivator for the team. I’m not shy at all, and I feel like I am good with words. On the football side of it, I am a playmaker, and that is all that there is to it.

Q. Do you have a team or school you are leaning towards?
A. Nah, not really. It has become difficult with Covid-19 around.

Q. What motivates you to be the person/player you are?
A. Honestly, the fear of failure and disappointment. Plus, I have seen how hard my parents have worked and that has rubbed off on me. People also like to criticize me a lot, and I take that as fuel to elevate my game.

While Brown has not yet made a decision, showing his maturation more than anything, us, like most everyone in the country, will be interested to see where the #1 Dual-Threat Quarterback in the 2022 class lands!

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