Player Spotlight: Weston Lewis C/O ’21 Quarterback

Weston Lewis is a sensational senior prospect out of El Molino High School in Forestville, California.

Lewis is the starting quarterback for the Lions football team. While his school has not had a season as of yet, he is hopeful that will change.

“Given the workouts that we have had and the talent that is on this team, I feel like we will have a great season if we are allowed one,” Lewis said. “We have key players returning at both wideout and tailback, and I think that could be big for us.

“While we did lose a dominant senior defensive player, I feel like our new head coach has stepped in and smoothed the gap that was missing. We will definitely be a top team and make a deep playoff run if given the chance,”

Sounds like the Lions’ signal-caller has faith in his squad!

Lewis states there are a few things that separates him from other players, and he would like to share with prospective coaches what they are.

“As a player, I standout due to my football IQ and my overall knowledge of the game,” Lewis said. “I have been playing this game since I was six years old, and it has always been my dream to play football at a high level.

“I have also played other sports that have helped me in my football journey, like basketball, soccer and baseball, but football has always been my passion. I have always studied the game by watching it as much as I can and watching my brothers play.”

Standing at 6’1, 215 pounds, Lewis gives us a Baker Mayfield vibe, though he is a bit faster than Mayfield, as Lewis runs a 4.7 in the forty-yard-dash!

Not bad for a quarterback!

In 2019, Lewis was able to show off those wheels, as he ran for 955 yards on the season! Lewis added 14 touchdowns to go along with those yards, and he did it on 134 carries.

Lewis averaged over 7 yards per carry!

Throwing the ball, Lewis finished with 1,395 yards passing, and he tossed another 14 touchdowns as well!

Of all the impressive stats that Lewis has, his most impressive stat is likely his 3.8 GPA in the classroom!

Lewis has several roster spot offers, including one from Puget Sound. It will be interesting to see where this dual-threat quarterback will end up!


Twitter: @westonlewis3243

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