Player Spotlight: AJ Vinatieri C/O ’22 Kicker/Punter

AJ Vinatieri is a junior prospect out of Zionsville High School in Zionsville, Indiana.

Vinatieri is a special teams player for the Eagles, playing both kicker and punter for the team.

If the Vinatieri name sounds familiar, it’s because it is, as AJ is the son of one of the greatest kickers to ever play the game, Adam Vinatieri.

While it is great to have your dad to be an all-time great player, the younger Vinatieri is looking to carve out a legacy of his own, in his own way.

“I am very close to God, and my faith means everything to me,” Vinatieri said. “I am also very thankful to my family, as well as my football family. I am looking for a college where I can compete and form a bond and brotherhood with my team.”

While Vinatieri and the Eagles fell short of winning the state championship, he is still proud of his team.

“We had a really great season,” Vinatieri said. “We had to overcome adversity at times and deal with several other obstacles along the way, but all that did was bring us closer together as a team.

“We wanted to win the state championship, but we fell short of that. I am still proud of this team and what we accomplished along the way.”

Vinatieri isn’t just your run of the mill kicker. Vinatieri is a very athletic player!

In the forty-yard-dash, Vinatieri runs a 4.7 and he also has a max squat of 405 pounds! He is also able to bench press 245 pounds and has an 8’8 broad jump.

Sounds like the Eagles could run some fake punts with Vinatieri!

Aside form his abilities, Vinatieri has some things that he feels will add value to prospective coaches and teams.

“I am a hard-worker,” Vinatieri said. “I will do my best to help my team win, no matter the situation. I am very selfless, and I always put my team first. I continue to work hard every day to better my craft and compete at my best capability.”

In the classroom is where Vinatieri is likely the most impressive, sporting a 3.38 GPA and proving that he is a student-athlete in every sense.

While Vinatieri does not yet have any offers, we expect them to come in very soon!


Twitter: @ajvinatieri

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