Player Spotlight: Lewin Runde C/O ’21 Linebacker/Tight End SIGNED Black Hills State University

Lewin Runde is an athletic playmaker for the Hamburg Blue Devils in Germany, and he is the first player that we have written on from another country!

Runde plays on both sides of the ball of the Blue Devils, seeing time at both linebacker and tight end.

Said to have played like a younger version of JJ Watt, Runde certainly gets after it and with that kind of praise, it is apparent that he does!

While his season was cut short and Runde and the Blue Devils only played in two games, his defense played well, only allowing 21 total points in the two outings.

Runde states that there are three things that he lives by, in order to separate himself from other players.

“I hustle, I motivate and I grind,” Runde said. “There is nobody on my team that can outwork me. There is nobody around that can outwork me! I am also a team leader. I motivate them to be better players, and to be better men.

“I also love the grind. There is nobody that can kill my drive. It does not matter when it is o even what the scoreboard says, I will give you everything that I have at all times. I will let nothing stop me or get in my way.”

If there is one thing Runde does not lack, it is confidence!

In the weight-room, Runde has a max squat of 385 pounds and a max bench press of 275 pounds to go along with a power clean max of 265 pounds.

Runde also runs a 4.82 in the forty-yard-dash and has a 5-10-5 of 4.42.

In the classroom, Runde currently holds a 3.0 GPA and he has a 1040 SAT score, so coaches know he will take care of his academics.

Runde is currently ranked as the #79 overall player in all of Europe and he has an offer from Valley State in Orlando, Florida. It will be interesting to see where this athlete ends up!


Twitter: @RundeLewin

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