BMT Football Camp Upcoming March 7

BMT Football Academy is hosting a camp on March 7, 2021 at Dutchtown High School in Hampton, Georgia. The camp will be from 9a-4p.

The location of the camp is 149 Mitchell Road, Hampton, Georgia, 30228. All positions are welcomed to the camp!

BMT Takeover Camp

At BMT(Big Man Takeover) the staff is dedicated to enhancing your football skills. BMT offers camps, skills training, and private football lessons. Their contact is as follows (678)-210-8727

BMT is more than just your run-of-the-mill training company. They also do a great job at helping young men to get recruited to the next level, in addition to taking players on campus visits!

At their camps in the past, there has always been adequate competition, and plenty of it! There are usually 300-400 guys to show up, and players really get the chance to showcase their skills against some of the best talent in the country!

Of the players that show up, about 15-20 kids usually are able to gain big time exposure, from their performances at the camp, so player should bring their best! Each year, BMT takes the top performers of the camps on college visits!

I sat down and spoke with Camp director Ivin Freeman and got some insights on the camp and how things go.

“We usually have anywhere from 30-40 players that are able to begin to build their platform of getting college interest, based on how well they do at our camps,” Freeman said.

BMT staff is always filled with professional, and well-organized coaches, that know what they are doing, in order to help the athletes to succeed.

Those coaches are also very well-connected, proving that if players come to the camp and work hard, they could potentially be setup with coaches at the collegiate level.

At each camp, BMT always has a guest speaker, and they have had some great ones, including former NFL player, Dwight Johnson, who is the owner of Total Athlete Sports Complex!

Many of the players have never been around an NFL player, so being around someone like Johnson, who has done it and at the highest level, is a treat for young men to experience!

BMT has had All-American athletes attend the camp, and one former player, Will Anderson Jr, recently won the national championship with Alabama, as well as being named the winner of the 2020 FWAA Shaun Alexander Freshman Player of The Year Award!

Will Anderson Jr

BMT has assisted several players in the past that have been under the radar, to then become recruited and eventually found a college to call home.

James Robinson, Tennessee
Gage Saint, Troy
Devin Lee, Vanderbilt
Justin Eboigbe, Alabama

Twitter: @bigmantakeover

Early Registration:

Camp Drills:

Camp Highlights:

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