Player Spotlight: Demarcus Hood C/O ’21 Free Safety/Strong Safety

Demarcus Hood is a JUCO player looking to transfer to a new home.

Hood is a safety on defense and he is versatile enough to play both the free and strong safety positions.

Standing at 6’1, 206 pounds, Hood has great size to play the position, and reminds us of Jamal Adams with his size.

Another attribute that Hood shares with Adams, is they nearly run an identical forty time, with Hood running a 4.58 and Adams running a 4.56.

In the weight-room, Hood has a squat max of 345 pounds and a max bench press of 275 pounds.

Hood is a player that believes that any team that he plays on will receive a hard-working mentality and dedication to each other and their goals.

In his last season playing football, Hood was able to grab 24 tackles on the season, as well as have 7 PBU’s!

As a player, Hood feels like there are certain attributes that he possesses that separates him from other players.

“I feel as though I am a very versatile player,” Hood said. “I also feel like I am a player that is able to motivate and lift up my teammates. I like to spend the majority of my time working on my craft and bettering my GPA.”

It sounds like Hood’s next team will be getting a complete player!

While Hood does not have any offers as of yet, we look forward to seeing this athletic playmaker sign somewhere soon!


Twitter: @hoodrixh_11

Published by Zane Rowland

I love sports and I love helping kids reach their goals and dreams!

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