Player Spotlight: Nyjay Jones C/O ’21 Tight End SIGNED Bethel University

Nyjay Jones is a phenomenal playmaker out of Tri-Cities High School in East Point, Georgia.

Jones is a tall, tight end for the Bulldogs, but he is also listed as a defensive end for the team, and he could slip into either spot at the next level.

Standing at 6’5, 220 pounds, Jones is very long and could even be considered as a wideout in some offensive schemes.

“I am not just limited to the tight end position,” Jones said. “I can split out wide if needed. I can block corners out of the play and I can be a mistmatch out there with a defensive back.

“As far as tight end goes, I fit well in a package as a tradition tight end. I am a mismatch nightmare for linebackers with my speed, and I can also line up in the backfield and block and run routes form there.”

It sounds like Jones is the epitome of a swiss-army knife and could do anything!

Jones currently has two offers from both Bethany University and the University of Ft. Lauderdale. It will be interesting to see just where this impressive playmaker lands next fall!


Twitter: @Jones_Nyjay

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