Player Spotlight: DeJuan Lewis C/O ’22 Free Safety/Strong Safety/Linebacker

DeJuan Lewis is an athletic playmaker for Shadow Creek High School in Pearland, Texas.

Lewis plays all over the defense, seeing time at both the free and strong safety spots, while also playing linebacker for the Sharks.

Standing at 5’11, 180 pounds, Lewis already has the size to fill in at defensive back at the next level, with time to still grow!

With his size, we get a Devin McCourty, safety for the New England Patriots, type feel from Lewis.

Lewis already has great speed for his position, as he runs a 4.61 in the forty-yard-dash! Lewis also has a vertical jump of 29″ and a broad jump of 9ft, 1in, as well as a wingspan of 72in”!

In the weight-room, Lewis takes care of business as well, posting a max bench press of 245 pounds, a max squat of 400 pounds and a power clean max at 225 pounds!

I was able to sit down and chat with the rising senior, and get some insights on how his season went.

“The season ending was tough for us,” Lewis said. “Of course, we were chasing after another state championship, but ultimately, we fell short. “COVID-19 threw a huge curve-ball our way; however, we were able to respond with some aggressive play calling on offense, as well as put out a dynamic defense. 

“I feel like we did everything we could, and we gave it our all this season, but I don’t feel as if we played to our true potential. Shadow Creek truly is a brotherhood and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it. 

“The rich traditions of this program started back in 2016, and now it’s on myself and the rest of the class of 2022 to set the example and keep it going. As a leader on the team, I can say that we have a lot of raw talent but how we perform in our offseason will play a huge role in our maturity and development.”

Lewis and the rest of the Sharks’ staff and his teammates feel as though in 2021, they have a lot to prove to get their team where they want to be.

“After that heartbreaking loss to Katy High School, I knew from that point on that my mentality of the game had to evolve,” Lewis said. “For me, I knew that I needed to take my place as the captain of the Shadow Creek defense, and the program and lead them to where I know our potential can be.

“The work that we do behind the scenes will be showcased and broadcasted in no time. The Shadow Creek program will have their foot on the gas pedal as soon as the spring football season begins!”

Lewis finished the season in dominating fashion, as he ran up the stat sheet in his junior campaign!

Averaging nearly 7 tackles per game, Lewis capped off the season with 66 total tackles, including 4 tackles for loss, showing he can dominate in run support.

In the passing game, Lewis harassed quarterbacks all season, with 4 quarterback hurries. He also played well in coverage, finishing with 4 PBU’s, as well as 4 INT’s in 2020.

Lewis also scored a touchdown, blocked a punt, forced a fumble, and revovered two fumbles on the year.

If you need a guy to create a turnover, Lewis is your man!

As a player, Lewis has a ton of upside, and there are many things that can separate him as a future college player.

“I would say that my football IQ is something that is high,” Lewis said. “I am also very versatile, playing both safety positions, as well as linebacker; you can use me all over the defense.

“I also took on Kobe Bryant‘s ‘Mamba Mentality’ as an underdog, and that kind of fuels me to be great. I also feel like I am a natural leader on and off the field and that truly helps my team.

“On the field, I feel like I have explosive tackling skills, paired with great coverage skills, and that makes me great at defense. I feel like my football instincts are great and I can be effective in tight spaces, as well as open spaces, and I am a ball hawk!”

Sounds like the team that gets the opportunity to land Lewis will truly have a player that can do it all!

Lewis has some quotes that he holds dear to his hear that he would like to share that help him along his life journey.

  • For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11
  • I’ve always been an underdog.  I feel like I beat the odds. -J. Cole

It is in the classroom that very well could be where Lewis shines the brightest, with his 3.4 GPA being more than enough to qualify for next level ball.

While Lewis is uncommitted for the moment, look for the rising senior to make a splash in the off-season, and into the next year and rack up some offers from around the country!



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