Player Spotlight: Nicholas Bastaja C/O ’21 Kicker/Punter SIGNED Ashland University

Nicholas Bastaja is a senior athlete for Saint Charles Prep out of Columbus, Ohio.

Bastaja is a special teams guru, playing both punter and kicker for the Cardinals.

In his final season with the team, Bastaja finished with 13/13 on PAT’s, capping off a career in which he had never missed a point after touchdown. Bastaja also added 4/6 field goals on the season, with a long of 40 yards.

While punting the ball, Bastaja also found success, as he had a long of 55 yards in his final year, as well averaging 38 yards per boot.

Although Bastaja and the rest of the Cardinals were heavily impacted by Covid-19, he feels as though they still had a good season.

“We were lucky enough to play this year due to everything that was going on,” Bastaja said. “We were able to overcome a lot of challenges that we faced, and I am proud of what we were able to accomplish. Things were not ideal, but we pushed through it.”

Bastaja feels like there are certain things that makes him standout when it comes to comparing him to other players in the country.

“One thing is for sure, is that I do not feel entitled to a position,” Bastaja said. “I am more than willing to compete for my spot on a team and earn my playing time. In my high school career, I have had to beat out guys that are older than me, so I am no stranger to competition.

“I have always worked hard to accomplish the things that I have. I like to think that I outwork my opponents as well, and I have a passion for what I do. I love kicking and punting, and I never grow tired of hitting the ball perfectly.

“For me, there is nothing greater than hitting an absolute bomb of a field goal to put points on the board to help my team. I feel the exact same way when I am able to hit a superb punt and pin the opposing team inside the 10 yard line!”

Sounds like Bastaja truly enjoys what he does!

According to @KohlsKicking, they had great things to say about Bastaja, “Bastaja competed very well during competitions and showed that he performs very well under pressure situations.”

With a 2.96 GPA, there are several schools in which Bastaja will be able to qualify for at the next level.

Bastaja currently holds three offers, including one from the College of Wooster. It will be interesting to see where this young man ends up!


Twitter: @BastajaNicholas

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