Player Spotlight: Jace Snyder C/O ’22 Quarterback/Punter

Jace Snyder is a rising senior athlete for Sandra Day O’Connor High School in Phoenix, Arizona, and he is also the teammate of several players we have written on, including our Defensive Player of the Year, Blake Ware.

Snyder plays on both offense, and special teams for the Eagles, seeing time as the quarterback and the punter for the team.

Standing at 6’2, 170 pounds, Snyder already has good size for both positions, and he could add even more size to his frame before all is said and done.

Snyder will likely be able to do that in the weight-room, where he works hard to get bigger, faster and stronger, with his squat max being at 305!

Snyder felt that his junior season went well, and that if he and his teammates can continue what they started this year, they will be successful again next fall.

“I feel like we did a great job as a team,” Snyder said. “We worked well together, and had great teamwork while playing. Hopefully, we can continue to have that next year, and win every game, on our way to the championship!”

Snyder feels like he has several things that makes him standout as a player, and in these times of uncertainty, you certainly need to separate yourself from other players.

“I think the biggest thing is, that I am trustworthy,” Snyder said. “I try my best to always make sure that I have everyone’s back. I also try to make sure that everyone is doing the right thing, and that they can count on me both on, and off the field.”

Snyder has been identified as one of the top hunters in the country, as well as a huge favorite to win the starting job at quarterback for O’Connor, with the recent new hire of head coach Brian Cole, who is one of the most respected head coaches in Arizona!

In the classroom, Snyder currently holds a 2.9 GPA, which will allow him to get into several institutions at the next level.

Snyder is also a member of the My Recruits program, who will have previously written on, and is one of the top recruiting services in the country. Coach Lou Perrone and his staff do a great job at getting guys recruited, and it is likely someone will take a chance on Snyder very soon!


Twitter: @jacesnyder04

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