Player Spotlight: Cartrick “CJ” Phipps C/O ’21 Outfield

Phipps and his Baseball Buddy

Phipps is an extraordinary baseball player for Shadow Creek High School in Pearland, Texas, and he is the first ever baseball player that we have written on! A humble young man that would rather talk about anyone other than himself, we were able to catch up with Phipps and learn a bit about him as a person, and as a player.

A young man that won a track competition in the district, Phipps is the type of person who saw a participant upset, who was a younger student, and he gave his medal to the student without hesitation.

Phipps also enjoys participating in a program called Baseball Buddies, where he is able to mentor young athletes at the elementary levels, which is pictured above.

Talk about high-character!

Phipps is the kind of player that coaches talk about, hearing great things about his character and his approach to the game.

The coaches he has played for feel as though CJ is a great asset to any team that he plays on, and is always a great leader. A positive teammate, Phipps does his best to lift teammates up in the right moments.

The sensational senior athlete is looking to have another great season for the Sharks, and hopes to finish this season in its entirety, as his junior season was cut short due to Covid.

Standing at 5’11, 200 pounds, Phipps is hoping to lead his team to great heights in 2021, and feels like he and his team will do well after transitioning into 6-A ball.

“This will be our first season in competing at the 6-A level,” Phipps said. “I feel like as a team, we will be able to adapt and play well with the teams at this level. Our defense will be a strong point this year, and we have a deep pitching staff.

“I feel like we will finish as a top-2 team in the district. I know this team is capable of great things, and I look for us to make a deep run in the playoffs.”

A player with a ton of athleticism, Phipps can play at any of the positions in the outfield, and do it well. With a 6.5 in the 60, Phipps can easily slide around between the positions.

“I feel like we are a great group in the outfield,” Phipps said. “All three of us run under a 6.7, with two of us running a 6.5. We are really a no-fly-zone out there!”

Phipps can also put pressure on opposing teams, with a rocket arm, pitching as a left-handed player.

While football was his dream in life, Phipps unfortunately suffered a few concussions that forced him away from the game he loved. After spending two seasons wondering what to do next, Phipps found a new sport that he loves and wants to play.

After trying his hand in basketball and earning a spot on the roster, showing how athletically gifted he is, Phipps decided it was baseball that he wanted to play moving forward and at the next level.

Phipps has enjoyed the game, and brings a unique approach to the sport.

“I am a very competitive player that has been known to dive for balls,” Phipps said. “There’s hardly a game that I play in, that I come home with a completely clean uniform. I give it my all out there, and I play the game how I played football; relentlessly.”

A dominant player on the field, Phipps also works hard in the weight-room to maintain the strength he needs to play this game. With a max squat of 335 pounds and a bench press at 235 pounds, Phipps certainly understands the importance of staying in shape!

While Phipps got his baseball career started a bit later than most, as a freshman, he has caught on quickly, becoming a great potential prospect for the next level.

“I know one of my strengths is the ability to get to the ball,” Phipps said. “I am able to get there quickly, and when I do, I can get it out quickly as well. I am also fast at running the bases and if the opportunity is there, I am going all the way to third, or home.”

Like every great player, Phipps is always hungry to grow and get better at the game, so he works tirelessly to do so.

“I know that one aspect of the game that I can work on, is hitting,” Phipps said. “I can learn to take what they give me, and use the whole field.”

While Phipps does not have offers to date, he looks to pull some offers in and be able to play at the next level after this season!




Twitter: @cartrickphipps

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