Player Spotlight: Travis Bennett C/O ’21 Quarterback

Travis Bennett is a sensational senior football player for Vista High School in Vista, California.

Bennett is the starting quarterback for the Panthers, and is looking forward to having a great season starting this week.

Due to the limitations brought on by Covid-19, the signal-caller and the rest of the Panthers were forced to miss the fall season.

Standing at 6’6, and weighing in at 215 pounds, Bennett gives us Trevor Lawrence vibes, who many feel will be the first pick in the 2021 draft.

Last fall, Bennett was able to put up phenomenal numbers in a Wing-T offense, finishing with just under 900 yards on the year and 11 touchdowns, to go along with a 60% completion percentage.

Bennett also works hard in the weight-room, as he has a current max squat of 315 pounds, with a 4.7 timed forty-yard-dash. Bennett also has a broad jump of 9’10 and he also has a wing span of 6’10!

To go along with his measurables and his stats, Bennett knows that he has to do other things to separate himself from other players.

“One of my biggest concerns is ball security, and I take it very seriously,” Bennett said. “I still sling the rock around, but I do so without being careless. I make sure that I put the ball where only my guy can catch it.

“I also feel like I have a big-time arm, and I am good with the timing with each of my pass-catchers. I also feel as though I am pinpoint accurate.”

With a 3.0 GPA, Bennett should see more offers coming in this year, to go along with the three that he has, including Lake Erie College.

Bennett is also a member of the My Recruits program, who we have previously written on, and is one of the top recruiting services in the country. Coach Lou Perrone and his staff do a great job at getting guys recruited, and it is likely more teams will take a chance on Bennett very soon!


Twitter: @travisbennettt

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