Player Spotlight: Zareq Brown Quarterback Salt RiverScorpions

Zareq Brown is a special football player that recently signed with the Salt River Scorpions football team out of the Hohokam Junior College Athletic Conference.

Brown has a unique story and journey that landed him with the Scorpions, and we were able to catch up with him, which wasn’t easy because he is fast (4.6 in the 40 as a quarterback) and we are honored to share it!

Brown graduated high school after having a great career, but found himself without any offers, with the exception of one JUCO in New Mexico. Brown would spend a semester with that program, and he would ultimately redshirt for much of the season, until he had to come out of my redshirt to play the last three games of the year.

For Brown, being away from home was tough on him mentally, in addition to not to playing. Brown then made the business decision to leave New Mexico in January of 2020, where he had high hopes of being signed and picked up by a different JUCO. Unfortunately, the school that he attended in New Mexico would not release him from his scholarship until it expired, leaving Brown with nowhere to sign.

It was around the same time that Brown was not playing very much, that he and his family learned that his sister was going through a tough battle with Stage-4 Lymphoma Cancer at just twenty-five years of age. Brown’s sister unfortunately passed away in January of 2020, which was a big loss for him and his family, and was also around the time COVID-19 was beginning to take place.

To say that his sister is a huge motivation for Brown to get back on the field is an understatement! He is ready to get back out there and showcase the talents that he has, and that he feels were severely over looked.

Although he has been through a tough situation, Brown has managed to find the good in it, and he began to tirelessly work towards playing football again. Sure enough that he began working, he was able to get in contact with the coaches of the HJCAC conference, he and was offered to play with the Salt River Scorpions!

As a player, Brown is a dual-threat Quarterback. Standing at 6’3, 200 pounds, Brown has great size to play the position, and even beyond this level and into the NFL someday.

In his two years of varsity action in high school, Brown would amass a total of 3,700 yards, to go along with 46 total touchdowns, to just seven interceptions!

Talk about a dynamic playmaker with the ball!

Brown believes that he brings several things to his team, and he can be of benefit at this level, and at the next.

“I believe that I am more than capable to play at a Power 5 division one school,” Brown said. “The work that I have put in so far will be shown this fall, and I will continue to hope and pray that a school sees that at the next level.

“I take the utmost pride in my leadership, as well as my ability to extend plays and be a playmaker. I am a passer first, but I will outrun you when I need to. This journey has been a long one for sure. My faith hasn’t wavered one bit because I know deep down what I am destined for. I just hope and pray that someone sees that in me and will be willing to take a shot on a player who only seeks to make their program a better one in any way that I can.”

It certainly has been a pleasure for us to have been a small part of the journey for Zareq Brown, and we look forward to seeing what he does on the field, to earn himself a place to play after JUCO ends!

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I love sports and I love helping kids reach their goals and dreams!

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