Player Spotlight: Isaiah Batton Palomar College Football Wideout

Isaiah Batton is a talented player for Palomar College in San Marcos, California.

An athletic playmaker, Batton can play several positions, as he is listed as a tight end for the Comets, but also lines up at wideout and can be used as needed.

Standing at 6’3, 210 pounds, Batton could fit in nearly any role on either side of the ball, with the skills to go along with it.

For the Comets, Batton put up great numbers with over 300 yards in 2019 on 25 catches, to go along with 2 touchdowns.

In the weight-room, Batton is a monster, with his squat max of 405 pounds, to go along with a power clean of 305 pounds, and a bench press max of 275 pounds.

Batton also shows off the wheels, running fast for his size, as he has a current forty-yard-dash time of 4.6!

Although his season was canceled due to Covid-19, that has not stopped Batton from staying in shape and working hard.

“Our season was canceled, unfortunately,” Batton said. “I have just been working hard in order to be prepared for the opportunities that may come my way.”

While Batton has great size, that is not all that there is to him.

“I know that coaches see that I have great size,” Batton said. “I also want them to know that is not all there is to me. I also have great speed to compliment the size. I am versatile enough to dominant the middle of the field, as well as being speedy out on the edge.”

One thing is for sure, coaches at the next level will to have to worry about him in the classroom, as Batton has a current 3.61 GPA!

With four current offers, including Lake Erie College, it will be interesting to see where this talented athlete will end up next!



Twitter: @IsaiahBatton

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