Player Spotlight: Donte Lewis C/O ’24 Quarterback

Donte Lewis is a freshman phenom for Shadow Creek High School in Pearland, Texas, and is the younger brother of DeJuan Lewis, who we have previously written on.

Standing just under 5’10, and weighing 150 pounds, Lewis has solid size as a freshman, with plenty of time to grow over the next few years.

Lewis would have a phenomenal freshman campaign, throwing for 20 touchdowns on the year, while adding a rushing touchdown on over 600 yards passing!

Lewis enjoyed success on the year, and told us a bit about what it was like to be the signal-caller as a freshman.

“My freshman season was exciting,” Lewis said. “I felt I was energized all year, however it felt somewhat like a roller-coaster ride. We only played six games on the year, and two of our games were canceled due to COVID-19.

“Many adjustments needed to be made to be able to function in the new normal. We needed to come together in a short period of time and build chemistry to win games, and as the quarterback, my responsibilities were clear. I was ready to lead my team and I did just that by being that spark and having energy to push through.”

A true student of the game, Lewis knows that he has to study the game, and his opponents, in order to have success.

“I studied film a lot with the team,” Lewis said. My attention to detail is a big thing that separates me from other players, as well as my sheer will to win. My mindset is relentless, and it is the driving force to my successes. I have always been an underdog, and I play with a chip on my shoulder.

“I also do a lot to rally the team before games, so that they have the right mindset to win. I have confidence that next season will be more successful, as my off-season training will be intense. I believe I can lead the team to be victorious.

“I know that it won’t be easy, but with the right coaching, and everyone pitching in to do their part, there is no doubt in my mind that we will come out winners next fall!”

While his GPA is still pending due to only being a freshman, Lewis has great grades, as he has been an A- student all year! With that sort of GPA, Lewis will have all of the schools he wants chasing after him like opposing defenders!


Twitter: @DonteLewis18

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