Player Spotlight: Nasiim Rhodes-Nelson C/O ’21 Wideout/Linebacker/Athlete

Nasiim Rhodes-Nelson is an athletic playmaker for Monsignor Bonner High School in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, and he is the teammate of Derrick Jackson III, who we have previously written on.

Nelson plays several positions for the Friars, including playing wideout on offense, and linebacker on defense.

With his size, 6’2.5, 205 pounds, Nelson could very easily slide into either position at the next level, and is versatile enough to do so.

With his size at wideout, he reminds us of CeeDee Lamb, the rookie wideout from Oklahoma, for the Dallas Cowboys.

In the weight-room, Nelson takes care of business, like he does opposing teams on the field. With a squat max of 450 pounds and a bench press max of 275 pounds, Nelson is the kind of guy you want on your side!

While Covid-19 disrupted much of the season for many teams, including Nelson’s, he still feels as though the team did the best they could, with what they had.

“It was not great to only get four games in my senior year,” Nelson said. “I do feel like we did the best we could with the time we had, however. As a team, I think we played awesome and we gave 100% effort in every game.”

Sounds like Nelson is a team player!

As an athlete, Nelson does many things well, such as playing multiple positions, but he knows he has to do things to separate himself from other players.

“I know that I am a very hardworking individual,” Nelson said. “I give 100% of myself in every rep, every day. I fly to the ball on defense, and on offense, I am the ultimate team player. When a play is not for me, I am never upset. I go out there and give my all while blocking for my guys. I also push my teammates to be great.”

Sounds like Nelson is the type of guy every coach dreams of!

With a 2.9 GPA in the classroom, Nelson has several opportunities that can be opened up for him at the next level, and we cannot wait to see where he goes!


Twitter: @Nino7jb

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