Player Spotlight: Julian Slocum Jr C/O ’22 Tailback/Corner

Julian Slocum Jr is a rising senior prospect out of Lewisburg High School in Olive Branch, Mississippi, and he is the teammate of Daylen Foxx, who we have previously written on.

Like Foxx, Slocum plays on both sides of the ball, seeing time at tailback on offense, and corner on defense.

Standing at 5’11, 170 pounds, Slocum already has decent size for the position, with plenty of time to add to his frame in the next year for the collegiate level.

While his junior season may not have gone the way that he anticipated for it to go, Slocum made the most of his opportunities.

“I can’t say that I was not disappointed in how our season went,” Slocum said. “I am a competitor, so of course I want to win. However, I feel like we have a new energy as we are heading into our senior year. We are working harder in the weight-room, and I look forward to next season.”

Slocum has not had the easiest time in his career, due to being in a military family, and having to move every three years and starting over. However, it has built up a sense of resiliency for him, which is something needed for any athlete.

He started his high school career off in Kentucky in 1-A ball, but recently made the move to Mississippi, and jumped up to 6-A ball, but has not lost a step in the process.

In his junior season, Slocum was able to grab 19 tackles on the year, as well as getting 2 INT’s. He also ran a kickoff back 77 yards for a touchdown, and was named Mississippi Player of the Week, as well as Defensive Player of the Week on two occasions.

“I feel like I was able to accomplish some of those things this year due to my footwork,” Slocum said. “I have basically played soccer all of my life, and that allows for me to change direction easily, and fluidly.

“I also feel like the fact that I have had to move so often has made me resilient, and that really helps me at corner, because you are out on an island out there.”

With a 3.5 GPA, Slocum can easily qualify for a number of different colleges, as he clearly takes his academics seriously, and he hopes to play football at the next level, as well as become a military officer.


Twitter: @julian_slocum

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2 thoughts on “Player Spotlight: Julian Slocum Jr C/O ’22 Tailback/Corner

  1. I was julian Head Coach in Kentucky he is just starting to scratch the surface of his potential. Unbelievable athlete and highest character person I’ve coached. He will be a big time addition to any program


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