Player Profile: Blake Murphy C/O ’23 Quarterback

Blake Murphy: 6’0, 175 Quarterback

The first thing that you notice about Murphy’s tape, is that he is very instinctive, and has great vision a a runner. Strong, powerful ball-carrier on plays designed for him to run. Does not go down on first contact. Does a great job reading the defense and fighting for extra yards. Has a nice, quick release on passing plays. Very accurate passer that can throw jump-balls well. Has great power when throwing the ball on the run. Does a great job of evading tacklers on potential sacks. Draws comparisons to Jalen Hurts with how he runs the ball.

Murphy is a member of the 7v7 team, Impact Athletes, and teammate of CJ Goldsby Jr and Conrad Hussey, who we have previously written on, which is a first year organization that is coached by Ron Hardge.


Twitter: @humble7qb

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