Player Profile: Isaiah Hardge C/O ’23 Wideout/Corner/Athlete

Isaiah Hardge: 5’10 155 Wideout/Corner/Athlete
Watching Hardge on tape was truly enjoyable. The first thing you notice, is his willingness to block and help his team make plays, even without the ball. The kind of kid that if you press him, you might be looking for a new position, because he will burn you and make you look bad. He has that ability due to already being able to run a 4.6 in the 40. Has soft hands and runs his routes really well, and puts defenders on skates. Has the ability to lineup at slot or outside. Can go up in traffic and come down with the ball. Also possesses strong hands and great footwork. Is not afraid to run across the middle and catch passes. Does a great job slipping behind linebackers and underneath safeties. Can catch a screen pass and take it deep in opponents’ territories. Has the ability to take a kickoff to the house with great vision and the speed to blow past everyone. Has great awareness with the ball in the air, and makes sure to come down with it at all times. Does a great job fielding punts and taking them back deep. Weaves in and out of defenses to get great yards after catch. Lines up at defensive back and brings a wideout mentality to the position. Sheds blocks easily and is not afraid to lay a hit on a runner. Does not go down on the first hit. Great in 1on1 coverage.

Hardge is a member of the 7v7 team, Impact Athletes, and teammate of CJ Goldsby Jr, Conrad Hussey, Blake Murphy and Jacob Cashion who we have previously written on, which is a first year organization that is coached by Ron Hardge. The more film I watch on this group, the more I believe they will take center stage in the 7v7 circuit and run the table!


Twitter: @KZIsaiah1


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